About Us

Here at tuchapiane.com, we run a well maintained and a professional site that always has the urge of giving its target audience more than what they anticipate for. We do research, collect, compile, analyze and publish high-quality content to our site. We also make sure that the posts don’t contain pieces that might promote hatred, unfairness, disrespect or violate any rule of the law in the country.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of our target audience by using digital channels. We believe in the power of creating a media that educates, informs, and influences our target audience positively.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the largest and leading  website that has all that it takes to satisfy the growing demand for digital news, education and advice in agriculture, business, and career fields. To achieve this, we will continue to uphold our quality guidelines to avoid misleading our target audience.

Our team members

Tuchapiane is armed to the tooth with the best writers and professionals in the country. The writers are determined to bring you high-quality first-hand information that you can never get it from any other website. To ensure that our content is precise, each team member is assigned to his/her area of specialization.