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Wife material qualities: Signs to watch out for

If you are here, chances are that you have heard about this wife material qualities thing. A woman with these traits is often considered to be the perfect choice for men who desire to settle down. To feminists, this would be an ideal definition for a maid, a house help or whatsoever. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

As am man, there are various characteristics of a wife material you should check for before settling down. Do not just look at sexiness, beauty or appearance, can she perform all the wifely duties once you marry her? Well, below is everything you need to know about Wife material traits.

Which tribe in Kenya has good wife material?

Marriage is a beautiful thing. This is only true when you have your perfect match. Someone you feel comfortable with. A person who completes you. Someone you can handle and live with. Hence, for this reason, we cannot generalize a clan and say that women from those tribes are a no-go zone for men.

Not all women in a certain clan are pathetic wife materials. There are some or many who are perfectly fine and will never give you “headaches” or those furious separations in a relationship.

Wife material qualities

Check out for the following behaviours, individualities, and traits before settling down with your girlfriend.

1. She is independent

Besides dating you, she has a career, aspirations, friends, a house, and so forth. In short, her life does not revolve around just dating you. This kind of lady will make your life much easier. You won’t have a kid clinging on to you who will beg you for almost every little need she has.

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2. She is not a party beast

If you are looking for a wife in the bashes you attend, then you are lost and far from getting her. How will a drunkard take care of her kids? How will you live with her? Get a lady outside bars and bashes.

3. A wife material is submissive

This is one of the vital wife material quality to check out for. Even though we should be equal, she is not supposed to dominate in your relationship. A submissive woman will follow whatever you tell her without any complaints. She will rarely argue with you. And if she does odds will be that it is only because of a reasonable issue.

4. She won’t nag

The next trait to look for in your girlfriend is whether she whines a lot. A nagging wife is extremely hard to handle. For instance, would you love to get interrogated so much about why you didn’t bath last night? Or why you came late for dinner? With a nagging wife, you will surely not enjoy the company of your friends. She will be going through your phone to see who is calling you and so forth. Who wants a wife with such a disgusting habit?

5. She sticks even when you are broke

A wife material isn’t after your money. She will be by your side even when your wallet is completely empty. She doesn’t care about material things and will never complain when you don’t purchase expensive gifts for her. In fact, she will help you in times of need by sending you some money.

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6. Affection

She will show you lots of love, and cherish you. She will make sure that you know how much she loves you. She will always reply with an “I love you too” text when you confess your love for her.

7. She doesn’t take things too serious

She will have a sense of humour. This is one of the best wife material qualities to watch out for. If you want a long-lasting relationship, then get that person who makes you happy. As they say “laughter is the best medicine to deal with stress and any other major crisis in life.

8. She controls her emotions

Only a few ladies can actually control their emotions. When something is wrong or you have wronged her, she should never shout at you in presence of kids. Well, it is very okay to be angry, even the Bible allows us to do so but we should not sin or let the sun…… A wife material will take her time, cool down, and approach the matter wisely.

9. She is organized

This is one of the qualities of a good wife material to check for. Men are careless and want someone who will ensure that everything is on track. She should not only organize the house but also manage financial decisions such as reminding you to pay for rent, do the shopping, and so forth.

10. She should have homemaking skills

When you marry someone who is not a homemaker, then you will have a lot of troubles. Does she mind about dirty utensils? does she wash all the dirty clothes periodically? does she organize the furniture?

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11. Surprises you

If she will surprise you now and then, then she minds about you. Surprises are not only meant for gifts. She can even surprise you by telling you to go and hang out with your fellow peers.

12. She supports you

This is one of the biggest wife material qualities you should check out for. If she gives you a hand in times of need, marry her. It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial support. For instance, when you are sick, she won’t run away but instead, come to visit you and stay over to ensure you are taken care of. She will give you encouragement and support that will make you want to instantly go on your knees and ask her for a hand in marriage.

13. She will take care of your stomach

The entry to your heart is through the stomach. We all love good food, right? If she can’t cook, then my brother run away. This is a deal-breaker. As a Kenyan, if she considers “Indomie” to be a great meal, then you will suffer. If she can make the tastiest meals for you, then this is a good sign that she is a wife material.

14. A wife material is God-fearing

She doesn’t have to be churchy or a very strong believer who fasts and casts out demons. No, she may not be a choir leader, youth secretary, or any other thing in the church. However, she should be able to raise kids in a Godly manner. In short, she should be religious and not a non-believer or atheist.

15. Intellectual Curiosity

The last thing you want to marry is a sycophant. Someone who will never understand your upsides and weaknesses. A wife material will take advantage of your shortcomings and strengths to make you a better man and complete you rather than challenging you.

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16. She will never embarrass you in public

A wife material will keep anything that will demean you far from friends. She will respect you even when you are in public.

17. Respects and loves your mother

Does she have an interest in knowing your mum? A wife material will be eager to see her future mum-in-law. She will even ask you a lot of questions about her. Chances will be that when they meet she will not need to ask anything because she already has the answers. She will be respectful and will understand that your mother deserves the same treatment hers does. She will also understand that your mum is the most important woman in your life after her.

18. A wife material is faithful

Trust is the key to a long-lasting marriage. This can only be achieved if your wife will be forever faithful to you even when you go outside the country for over a year. She knows her dignity and respects her body. She will take the marriage seriously. This means that she will never entertain illicit affairs with other men. Note that, you should also treat her the same way.

19. She will give you space

A wife material will let you watch any football match peacefully while having drinks with friends. She knows that you deserve some time alone. She also understands that your colleagues will come to check you up occasionally. She will never pressure you to stay with her always but instead will allow you to do your “things.”

20. She is not expensive

She will not force you to take her on a vacation and come back while broke. She doesn’t wear expensive makeup, shoes, or anything that you cannot afford.

Wrapping up

You should take your time to access your girlfriend. This is because you will spend a lot of time together. Of course, in the first stages, you should assume that she has perfect behaviour. However, as soon as you start to know each other better, she will feel relaxed and show you her real colours.

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As long as you feel comfortable and happy in your relationship, then go on and marry your partner.


The above information is only meant for educational purposes. As such, it is should not be taken as our opinion about “Wife Material.” We understand that times have changed and women are no longer viewed as “house helps” but rather partners.