Untapped business ideas in Kenya 2020

Untapped business ideas in Kenya 2020

With the increase in unemployment in Kenya, it is clear that unemployed individuals, especially the youth, should seek out businesses. It is one thing to come up with a business, but it is another to come up with a business with a large and ready market. Here are untapped business ideas in Kenya that you can invest in.

Untapped business ideas in Kenya are business ideas that have not been well explored and there is a large ready market present for those businesses. If you are unemployed or you need a side hustle, investing in an untapped business will prove to be profitable, especially being that there is a ready market.

List of untapped business ideas in Kenya 2020

Here are various business ideas that still remain untapped in Kenya:

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1. Duck farming

Ducks are a promising poultry adventure, in that in Kenya, most poultry farmers rear chicken. There is, therefore, a market present for the selling of duck meat and their eggs. Ducks can lay a large number of eggs ranging from 300 to 60 eggs in a year, providing a steady flow income of income for a duck farmer with a considerable number of ducks. Ducks also lay generally around the year and have a less chance of going broody like chicken, which makes it a plus for people interested in selling duck eggs rather than rearing more ducks.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb (air bed and breakfast) is an online business platform where individuals can rent out their homes or spare rooms in their homes to guests. You can register your home with Airbnb as an Airbnb host at www.Airbnb.com. You should consider who you are attracting to your apartment, whether a family, couples, friends in large groups or just individual travelers, depending on the number of rooms you have available in your space. It is very profitable and stress-free, being that you are not required to make sizable investments or even leave your home.

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3. Talk shows

For journalists, multi-media enthusiasts and YouTube bloggers, offering and giving talk shows will enable them to easily have a platform in the digital space and eventually earn money either from YouTube or a Television channel. The number of Talk shows in Kenya is still low, which makes it stand out as one of the untapped business ideas in Kenya 2020. There is, therefore, still space for new hosts and shows to come up and speak about topics that they are enthusiastic about.

4. Affiliate Marketing

We tend to see individuals getting a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram but there is still a gap in terms of how many individuals act as influencers or affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is still standing. Individuals with large social media marketing should actively follow up on established brands or brands that are coming up to offer marketing services for them. They can also be the face of businesses or campaigns.

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It is about time that the number of unemployed individuals in Kenya reduces. With a great working population, the rate of crime will ultimately reduce improving the state of the country dramatically. These untapped business ideas in Kenya 2020, will offer you steady profits. Try them today.