Maria citizen tv cast

Maria Citizen TV cast and episodes

Maria is a drama series that is very popular and it airs on Citizen TV. The television drama’s episodes are shown in the evening from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The producers of the series are Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. Save for the talented Yasmin Said, which other Maria Citizen TV cast do you know?

Maria Citizen TV, is about an orphan ghetto girl who is adopted into a rich family where the last born, Luwi falls in love with her. The drama is this story is that Luwi is married and he constantly ignores his wife Sofia to interact with Maria, who quickly becomes the love of his life.

Maria Citizen TV cast

Below is a list of all the actors and actresses in the Kenyan television drama:

  1. Maria


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This role is played by Yasmin Said, who is a twenty-year-old. The show was Yasmin’s first show which is surprising considering how well she acts the part. She plays as an orphan girl who was raised in the ghetto but becomes fortunate enough to be adopted by a rich family. She stands out as being very humble despite moving to a wealthy neighborhood.

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  1. Luwi


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Played by Brian Ogana, 32, he is the last born son of Boss William and Madam Victoria and the husband to Sophia. The Maria Cast Citizen TV is, however, in love with Maria despite being married. Brian Ogana works in the Goodnews Broadcasting System (GBS) and a news anchor and reporter and as a host

  1. Sophia


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This role is played by Bridget Shighadi, a twenty-year-old lady from Taita.  Sophia is the legal wife of Luwi, who constantly picks on Maria as soon as she arrives in the property. She is very resentful and jealous of Maria.

  1. Boss William


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With Gloria ❤️❤️

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Dennis Musyoka plays the role of Boss William, the father in the Hausa Family in the show Maria Citizen TV. He is married to Madam Victoria and is responsible for bringing Maria into the home. He also acts as the one who makes decisions in the house and works to make sure the house is peaceful.

  1. Madam Victoria


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Also known as Vickie, the role of Madam Victoria is played by Sheila Ndanu, a 55-year-old therapist who also works as a commercial model. Vickie is a charming woman who is the wife of Boss William. She is constantly working to ensure the family is united.

  1. Vanessa


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Played by Wanjiku Stephens, 25, Vanessa is the only daughter of Boss William and Madam Victoria. She is also the one who constantly sides with Maria when every other member of the family is against her.

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Maria Cast with minor roles

The following have minor roles in the TV series:

  • Lona – Tina Njambi
  • Kobi – Linda Mukamiwa
  • Brenda – Maureen Wangari
  • Naomi – Terry Ombaka
  • Father Ezekiel – Musa Ore
  • Delila – Edna Nguka
  • Silas – Nyakundi Isaboke
  • Mother Teresa – Grace Obuya
  • Rufina – Sussy Malaki
  • Ben – Timothy Musyoka
  • Koros – Edwin Buni
  • Thomas – Quincy Ando
  • Gloria – Asha Hussein
  • Marianne – Botul Abdalla
  • Fali – Teddy Brian
  • Mama Chapo – Sarah Mataki
  • Kanini – Alice Mari
  • Pupa – Umar Hussein
  • Dogo – Jane Mulanda
  • Tekno – Anthony Ashioya
  • Collo – Joseph Kiplabatt

Maria Citizen TV Episodes

You can watch the TV drama new videos every day on Viusasa ahead of everyone else. All you need to do is to download their mobile application from the Google Play Store or App Store. Next, you will need to subscribe to the Maria Data Pass offer by dialing *544*25# from your Safaricom line.

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Now that you know all the Maria Citizen TV cast, he next time you watch the TV show, you will now know the roles they play. This will make the show as enticing and addictive as it is.