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Jumuia Kenya (Jumia) best shopping tips to save money

By Henry Wambua
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Jumia Kenya is an online shopping company that offers doorstep delivery services to Kenyans irrespective of their locations. Of recent, many Kenyans have rebranded it Jumuia Kenya due to either pronunciation or spellings problems. You definitely have heard or purchased any commodity from the platform, right? How much money did you save? If none, then you are in the right place.

Grab a cup of coffee and relax on a comfortable seat as we take you through the five most essential tips to save money when shopping for Jumuia phones, electronic appliances, gas cookers, and so on.

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Jumuia Kenya online shopping tips

Buying appliances and other commodities online can really save you a lot of money and time as compared to taking yourself to retail outlets. This is because brands tend to capture the attention of buyers by selling their items at a lower price. You can save additional money in Jumuia travel, food, and so on if you follow the tips below.

  1. Compare online stores

This is the first step to saving more money when shopping in Jumuia Kenya. Go to numerous stores like Killimall, Kaymu, and so on. Get the average price from each store and compare them with local retail outlets. Also, check the reputation of the store that has the cheapest offer.

For instance, you can’t purchase a 43-inch television from an unknown store just because they are selling it at Ksh. 14,000. Chances are that you will receive a faulty TV which you will never get compensation. Go for quality and not the price if you do not want regrets.

  1. Look for online coupons

Go to social media and search for topmost brands of the item you wish to purchase. This is because retails can offer discount coupons on their pages. You can also subscribe to their mailing list to receive any alerts to your inbox. Companies like Kaymu, Killimall, and Jumia mainly offer Ksh. 500 coupons and above. This is a pretty reasonable amount you should save.

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  1. Look for Promotions and hot deals

Jumuia Kenya offers promos like clearance sales, mega sales, buy 2 get 1 free and so on throughout the year. Like and follow their Facebook page to stay updated on their current offers. Don’t get confused, like “Jumia” Facebook page and not “Jumuia.” Also, remember to follow various retailers as they also offer discounts.

  1. Use a credit card

A credit card usually has spending limits. With it, you can easily control temptations to purchase unwanted items. A debit card, on the other hand, is linked to your account and doesn’t have any restrictions. For this reason, you can spend a lot of money on items that were not on your budget.

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  1. Avoid shipping fees

Jumuia Kenya offers free shipping to its customers when they buy some commodities. The company also provides the same to persons who purchase items above Ksh. 5,000 in Nairobi and Ksh. 8,000 in all other towns. If for example, you are in Nairobi and your budget is Ksh. 4,550, you can purchase an item worth 50 bob to enjoy free shipping.

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