what to blog about

Am not an expert, what should I blog about?

When many people think of investing, the first question that comes to their mind is “What Kind of a business should I start?” Similarly, if you want to start a blog you might at one point asked yourself “what should I blog about?”

It’s obvious that you don’t have to be an expert so that you can blog. No one starts out as an expert in anything but rather he/she becomes one after gaining enough experience. I’m not perfect and when I started blogging I wasn’t perfect. I couldn’t do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) correctly, I didn’t know how to create a website on my own and so many things.

You have to realize that you don’t have to be perfect. However, with time you will learn new things and become an expert. It is a process.

You can literally blog about anything. For instance, if you are learning C++ coding, you could start a blog about this and build an online community on coding. If you start teaching people how to code, then you are an expert in coding. Write about anything you want to get good at. For example coding, livestock keeping, Agriculture, and so on.

Alternatively, you can try this method to easily identify what you will blog about.

  1. Pick a sheet of paper and a pen.
  2. Divide it into two equal parts.
  3. On one column write the things you are good at.
  4. On the other write down the things you are an expert in/you want to get good at.
  5. Now, tick anything that is on both columns.

Great, the things you have ticked are your best blogging topics. Do not pick any niche just because others are doing it because you will end up failing miserably.

We started blogging in early 2019. I mean we set up a WordPress Blog on Namecheap and got a good theme. We then spend nearly two months trying to make our site look very beautiful. We didn’t write soo much. We revised our homepage nearly 100 times. Today, the website doesn’t even look as it did when we started up. We had to remove some complex things and switch to a lighter theme (Many dynamic theme features affect site speed negatively). After deciding what you will blog about using the above methods, start writing almost immediately. Never spend most of your time making your website beautiful.