My Lover’s Friend Hates Me!

A relationship might seem like a union between two people but more often than not, it is between families, friends (especially with your close friend), and social circles. For a relationship to flourish these entities ought to have a good understanding and they ought to respect each other’s differences and misharps. Most of all, they should respect the relationship.

When I met this girl, she was in a relationship but it was in shambles. Her girl spent most of her time craving for her attention and she spent most of her time doing other things. I must admit, however, that this girl treated her girlfriend rather well (apart from fueling her insecurities). They eventually broke up leaving me and her other friend as the ‘bachelors😁, of choice’. I won her heart however and after around two days I became her girlfriend.

That is when I met the other friend. Let us give her the initial B. On the day B came to our room. I greeted her and I did so cordially (it is always my rule to greet people with a smile). She, on the other hand, did not reply to my greeting. Not a word, not a sound, not even a gaze towards me. That was my first cue to back off and I did. The next time I saw her; my girlfriend said she wasn’t okay and I went to her room to give her a helping hand (I make it my personal role to maintain a good relationship with the friends of the person I date). I said hi, no reply. This time she did not look at me either. It was also the time I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me with her ex (the ex on top) but that story is for another day.

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Day three! Actually night. I was going to give my girlfriend a push to her place and my girlfriend thought it deemed fit to tag her along. This time I decided not to say hi. She made it her personal choice to not greet me either and I decided it was best. Provided she accepts that it was me who won her over. But was I?

Let’s go back three weeks to the moment I got angry at her for gossiping about me with her friend and she decided we should just be friends. Two days after that, I found a that with this girl B and in it she had told her of her sweet she was calling her love and telling her all the lovey-dovey you can think of. (Please note that these were the sweet nothings she used today to me) I asked her if they were dating and she said no (a statement that I consider to be a big fat lie). We eventually got back together but I never once trusted her!

Fast forward and we go to day 4. I was walking her home and the moment she saw B she shoved means aside in am an attempt to not let her see us walking so close together. This was when I decided I was going to break up with her as well. (Please note that it was due to a variety of factors but this was a core factor.) I wasn’t going to leave my life constantly wondering whether she was cheating or why B was so important that she had to hide the fact that we were dating. Once she hushed me when I was complaining that she didn’t visit me often. She didn’t want B to know😡.

Ah! Girls. They say men cheat but date a lesbian and find out who is the real cheat. If I were, to be honest with myself; it says this girl was dating her ex, B and I at the same time. What gives?😯