Emotional Cheating. Tell It; Don’t Tell it. (Part Two)

Nothing hurts more than losing someone you love; its worse if it’s cause of cheating; you were the reason why things got messed up. Indeed, it takes a lot of courage and trust to welcome someone into one’s life and it hurts when that person takes advantage of your trust. Often, we are told that once we land on love we should never let it go. Hold on tight they say, fortune only knocks once, they insist. What about when you disappoint your fortune?

On Sunday morning I texted the guy hey.

Back to school that evening and once babe was trying to get something close to my phone and I shook. What is this you are hiding that nikikaribia simu yako unashtuka? That is how it started and it ended with him having read all the texts with the guy. He was dead ass angry. ‘You told this guy our problems, you were actually entertaining the thought of being with this man?’ The blow was a text where I told the guy I was confused on whether I was to pick my boyfriend or him. Worse, I had texted him that morning even after we had agreed I shouldn’t. My boyfriend was furious and he asked me to leave his place. He ‘sindikizad’ me actually and on the door to my place; he said it was over.

Let me be honest and say that that night was spent crying. I think I even became dehydrated. I woke up with swollen eyes and made my way to his place to check up on him. He wasn’t there. I called him, he wouldn’t pick, I texted him, no reply. I left him a sticky note to apologize and pinned it at his door. At this point, I didn’t care I just wanted my babe back. That day I went to his place approximately 5 times and all through he wasn’t in until a little around 6:30. I was from having a walk around the school farm and I decided to stop by and leave my note. I don’t find him but as I was leaving I saw him.

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He saw me and muttered ‘Ah, Fuck!’ under his breath. Let me be honest and admit that the phrase tore me apart. I felt stupid for tarnishing our relationship and I told him I just wanted to talk. He allowed me into his place but made it clear that I wasn’t to touch him. I apologized once more; a million times and I gave him all the reasons he should take me back. He said he needed time but I convinced him that time is what made us drift apart. We never took the time to fix our problems. He took me back indeed and gave me a stern warning. It was on 3rd May I remember. He cuddled me, we had a heart to heart conversation and left there later. Different yes; but closer.

Would you tell your partner if you cheated?
Do you think that it’s the best thing to do?