Sexy Is The New Crime… Girls With Threatened Territories

The one thing that someone wouldn’t anticipate for is being attacked by someone of their same social surrounding; race, gender, ethnicity, and the likes especially girls- they can be mean. This, however, is what happens more often than not. My linguists would remember the set book “Damu Nyeusi” and how Fikirini was treated far too harshly by people he called his own kind. I blame it on our hard built mindset of natural selection. We always strive to be the best in our various populations even if it’s at the expense of people we know nothing about. In fact; who cares about the person we didn’t know? That seems to be the norm until the person we know not of starts to be the object of attention in what we considered our home far away from home.

On this particular day (I think it was Sunday afternoon) one of my friends asked to include a certain girl in our WhatsApp group. Our group was a close circle of I think 10 friends; 4 men and the rest female. I and my then boyfriend actually met here so let’s just say that it was a pool of relationships and in some circumstances, a girl would ‘hop’ from one male in the group to another. ( I still wonder how they get to maintain their friendship).

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Back to the group… He was asked to send the girls pic and the girl was a work of art if I do say so myself. She was pretty an looked like she was interracial with a few specks of Hindu in her. The guy was given a go ahead and voila! All attention drifted to the new girl leaving all us oldies unattended for. She was asked her name and requested to send her pics. A whole hour was spent describing her beauty and I guess she got irritated and left the group. Who are we kidding? The girls came online at around 6 and started wondering who is this girl everyone was talking about. Hell broke loose when she was put like the group’s icon and I swear I could feel their blood boil. They decided to forcefully bring the girl back to the group to ‘teach her a lesson’.

One; the girl was angry she was the icon and changed the icon to some car. One of the girls started asking her who she thought she was, changing the icon picture like she owned the group. Next, it was insulting about how she thought she was better than everyone yet she had ‘small boobs’. It was all comments after comments about how ‘she wasn’t even that pretty’. The men in the group even stopped talking.

Let me be honest, it’s not like the girls there weren’t that pretty. Let me carefully point out that we were picked up and allowed to enter the group after out pictures were sent and we were seen to be a worthy ‘trophy friend’ if I do say so myself. I just don’t get why they had to be so harsh towards her.

Have you ever received such backlash on account of being beautiful?