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Sexy Is The New Crime! My “Prostrative” Employer.

By Nyanje

Everybody loves to look good… Well; most people anyway. Pretty had a tendency to hurt and let me say that looks do sting… Sexy stings even the innocent ones!

I had just finished my 3rd year and as is mandatory for everyone in my course, I had to look for an institution where I would do my attachment. (I ‘m doing hospitality and so my ultimate destination would be some fancy hotel ). Fancy hotel searching I went! They wouldn’t tell you this when you are joining school but looking for a place to do your attachments is not as easy as ABC. You get to spend a lot of time and money and in the meantime, risk not getting selected by your favorite hotels at all.

Well, that’s not this talk dark and remotely handsome man. I was called by one of the hotels I applied into and the day and date for my interview were determined. Then, I dressed in my favorite suit and tie (blue suit black tie… Loafers 😁) and wore my best smile. The questions were not quite hard and by the time I left; I was certain I had finally secured a spot. I had but with a catch.

The manager called me at around 8 that evening to tell me I had gotten the job and that I was to report the following week on Monday. This man was more of a sadist though; he waited while I gave him all my thanks before he dropped the cherry bombshell on me. I was to meet him at a certain hotel in the outskirts of Nairobi the next evening. He told me to dress appropriately ( I don’t even know what that meant) and go alone.

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Please note that at this time, I thought that I was going to have a secondary interview. Often, we are told that an employer would like to examine our table manners and culinary skills before making a final decision. Looks and etiquette are of most importance when it comes to hospitality. This is key most especially for someone like me, a man in a somewhat female-dominated course. I made it my personal goal to reach about 30 minutes earlier to survey the area but I found the seated in a table reserved for two at a dim-lit corner, drinking something that looked like scotch. I couldn’t quite really tell.

“Should I buy you a drink or we should just get to it?”

At this point, I was literary so confused. What did he mean ‘get to it’? Ah! Kumbe the dude wanted us to have sex! He already had a room in the hotel reserved for his nasty sexcapades. I was petrified! I didn’t know whether he was just testing me or he was being serious. I chose to let him down easy making it clear that I had a girlfriend and I was not particularly comfortable with gay sex. ( I have nothing against gay men but a D* up my ass is not exactly my fetish of the year). The man got aggravated and asked me to leave. Worse, he told me to not set foot in his hotel. My hopes for being part of his staff for the holidays were absolutely gone.

A week passed before he contacted me again, this time with text messages. He asked me to name my price, whatever I wanted would be granted provided I was willing to spend the night with him. Allow me to point out that the man was somewhere around the late 40s to early 50s. I’m assuming he was married and hopefully with kids. This time I called him out harshly and told him to never contact me again. For all I know he wanted to infect me with some disease, asking for unprotected sex. 

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