Being Bisexual. Man, Woman, Unicorn… Table?

I’m a 21year old bisexual. Actually, I love to say I’m questioning because I’m not even certain about what I am. What I know is that I love my boyfriend more than anything in this world; he has been my pillar in many situations, helped me out of depression, given me sound, genuine, harsh advice, got me a job. He is my million dollar guy. I also know that when a girl with big booty and voluptuous hips passes, I’m the one who says damn first.

The first person I ever kissed was a woman. I was around class four and we wanted to mimic what ‘Ruby’ was doing (it was a telenovela in NTV those times). Let me just say, I didn’t like it! We were young and stupid. It didn’t stop though. It was like all my female cousins had a vendetta with me. The next one to come sleep over at out place taught me scissoring. See, at a young age, I knew exactly how to strategically place my hips to get the most out of it. I knew how to bite my lower lip so that I wouldn’t utter a word.

It got so bad that I would sit on the floor at the edge of the stand of the bed and rub myself against the ‘matendeguu’. Once, I removed the face of my doll and placed it in my pants and started to whine. Do you see those who use vibrating phones down there? That’s me! An improvisor. I’m also someone who was introduced to sex at a very young age, I didn’t even have breasts yet. Once we left Umoja it’s like my sexual urges were left there But were they?

I got into a high school filled with beautiful ladies who would make your blood boil. Hair so long, skirts so right, lips so rosy… I crushed on one. The feeling wasn’t exactly mutual but oh the passion was real. I remember on Saturday after washing clothes, I finally did it. I dipped my finger in for the first time! I dipped it, swirled it, one finger, two fingers until I felt a taste of heaven when I rolled it against a hard textured rock-like section of my inside. Experts would call it my g- spot. In my head, I pictured her smiling at me and leering with those eyes of hers.


It became so frequent until grew from using my fingers to my long bottle of coconut oil that I always hid. Anyone who would smell it would just feel the taste of my insides that craved to be let free. I had to stop but I couldn’t. Whenever I saw her passing by the corridor, I could feel myself pulsing. She got expelled! That’s when I stopped!

The dreams started. In the day time, I’m straight but at night I’m a lesbian. This is how I know that I can give a girl a good time. I’ve seen myself do it over and over again. Sometimes I can even feel it, feel the sweat and heartbeats that intertwine.

I want to try it but I’m scared. They say it’ is not right, it’s unnatural! If it’s unnatural, what am I?