Remembering Today. Relationships, Talkshows and Queues

It has been a whole roller coaster writing and I am so happy to have finished my first series. Also, I am absolutely fatigued😕. How was my day? Today I spent the whole day lining up trying to get a huduma number which I still don’t have so yes; hot towels and massaging cream anyone? Spa treatments anyone? Nobody?😭😭😭.

Anyway, today while I was standing, sun baking, out in the open, I saw a man probably in his 50s coming and passing in front of me to stand next to his wife (I think). He had a big stomach, looked very rich (typical sponsor look) but what struck me was his dress code actually, or let’s just say the suit he had on rung a bell. There was this show today morning I think in K24 and in it they discussed whether;

A) Sex was important for a relationship.
They all agreed that it was. Now please do note that although I agree that yes sex is important for a relationship, I do not think that it is the main factor. I mean, what if it’s not so good😀. I have always considered sex to be a very personal thing in that what works for me will not work for my girlfriend. In addition, just because babe and I get fireworks in bed doesn’t mean he will connect with another girl that good. This is why I consider the phrase ‘good in bed’ to be shallow; so much is expected of the man yet sex is not just about one person (well unless you’re mast***ting). So yes, if the sex is not so good, don’t leave the relationship cause “sex is important” ; try to work things out.

B) Is age a factor to consider when being in a relationship?
Now, although they all agreed an older man being with a younger woman socially acceptable, the reverse was cringed upon. Our society wouldn’t be so welcoming to an older woman with a young man (note, I mean age differences of 10+). Personally, I wouldn’t date someone who is younger than me by a factor of 5+. We, women, tend to age quickly and since I date primarily for marriage (yes, I know I sound so corny but oh well. I actually don’t believe in dating for fun), I maintain people I associate with to be older than me, my age or utmost 2 years younger. Also, I have been told women mature faster so I don’t want to be many wise years away from bae😊😊.


C) Who is to be blamed for the blesser-blessed situation?
They said that the men are equally to be blamed. We, women, face the sharp end most of the time with society branding those who agree to be sponsored sluts or calling them out to be engaging in prostitution. Men, on the other hand, tend to go scott free probably on the basis that men are thought of to be primarily polygamous and thought of to not be able to stay faithful which I think is a sham. Our raging hormones work the same, in fact, women are more hormonal so puriss!! Man-woman you both are wrong.

That was my ‘today’ in less than 600 words; well, apart from the part where a woman was lifted of a seat because ‘alicut line’. Goodness it was so embarrassing. Heh! It is only in this moments that we can remember how savage Kenyans can be.

If you would have been there… Would you have lifted her off the seat or let her be served before you?
How was your day?