That Guy Mwangi…The People We’d Love To Forget.

That guy. What most of you do not know is that at the time of this occurrences I was in my freshman year. I was young and I probably was absolutely immature. That guy. So yes, that was the end of me trusting my girl and I basically hated the guy for taking advantage. I wouldn’t say taking advantage exactly, let us call it being weak. Weak because he didn’t wasn’t to tell my friend of his feelings and assumed that she knew (which she knew cause I told her but he didn’t know that). I disliked the fact that my friend took advantage of the feelings this guy had for her and used it to her advantage (why else would she hide the fact that she was screwing her boyfriend?? Unless they had something going on??) I feel like there was a huge part of this story that I don’t know but in due time all things will be revealed. Bottom line is, I got played by bestie because of a guy (lol).

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Now at this time I still thought I was on top of the world( note that for the longest time my ego is as high as the stars and as vast as space). Very unapologetic Mwangi would still come into my inbox whenever he deemed fit asking me how I am when we both knew it was a booty call. Does this guy think I’m still naive?? Yes probably. Was I? Absolutely not! Did I even consider having sex with him ever again? 😕😕 am I blind or something? Once he texted me at around 8 pm and I remember that I was cooking beef and kales that day (typical of a Kenyan home). He asked me whether he was good in bed. I honestly could not remember( it was like months or even a year after and dude every woman is different. Just because your ex liked it doesn’t mean your current will.) but I’m not mean so I just said yes. I asked why and he said he had been with a girl the previous night and she just left and never commented about it. She hadn’t called. ( Wasn’t the answer pretty obvious???)

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Aaarh fu! I reassured him and he pretty much disappeared. The next time I saw him it was during the Mr. and Miss JKUAT competition and I happened to be in the VIP section. He walked past me and I said hi. He looked very surprised to see me and as he bent to hug me he said, “unafanya nini hapa? Watu ka wewe hawafai kuwa hapa?” I felt like I could slap his face but I am very good at keeping my cool and also I didn’t want my dude to start a fight (which he is very good at. The man can be freaking hulk sometimes- which I love.). Anyway what douche bag meant was that people like me were just not cool enough for the VIP section. He was here with my then bestie I suppose, probably her date. I get it, when I was a freshman I was naive on so many levels, but I was in my third year now so??? Was I supposed to stay in my cocoon forever?

He looked very surprised to see me and as he bent to hug me he said, “unafanya nini hapa? Watu ka wewe hawafai kuwa hapa?”

A month after the ordeal he texted me and this time I snapped. I was done with all this. The booty calls, the shaming, the lowering my self-esteem. He was secretly waiting for me to tell him l was having a hard time in school I’m sure. Waiting for me to tell him my coochie imemea kutu cause he wasn’t in it no more. Well, Mr. Perfect Ignorant, my academics are great, my relationship is super and I’m better than you left me. In fact, if I had met you right now I would have probably not taken notice of you. It doesn’t change the fact that for a long time I thought I was less of a woman but oh well. What doesn’t kill you?


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The end😊