That Guy Mwangi… The Icing On The Cake

That guy. One principle I always follow is that the truth always comes out eventually. When it does, it stings if it’s a dirty truth. It is also pointless to tell people half stories if they are bound to meet and share the nitty gritty, putting pieces together. What I’m saying, I guess, is that honesty is the best policy. Here, I think I was wrong on so many levels. I probably am the reason we broke up, but I think it would have been better if all cards were placed from the beginning.

After the exams were through and we broke for the holidays, I happened to receive a call from my girl’s boyfriend. He is a very chatty person I might add but I just wanted to keep our conversations brief and I pretty much think he considered me a snob. I told my bestie about it and she said it was okay, she is fine with her friends talking to her guy. I was relieved to have let it out my chest. I still kept a distance from her guy though.

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The guy called me about a week later and asked me what relationship Mwangi had with his girlfriend. This is where hell broke loose btw. The man is absolutely chatty so I didn’t even notice he was angry. I told him they were just friends and laughed it off but oh shit did not end there. He went on and on about him being uncomfortable that the guy took her out and that my bestie wasn’t willing to tell him to his face that she didn’t like him.

“Or did she like him?”

Of course, I denied being that she did being that my bestie had already assured. He dropped another bombshell. Apparently, while my bestie was in his place, she would ask his dude to turn off the music or any electrical noise-making appliances so that the guy wouldn’t be suspicious of where she was. He said despite doing that, she would go talk to him in seclusion. (Now, for those of dating, we do know that this is a NO-NO! Unless its mama Mia😀)

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“She says she doesn’t want to call out his inappropriate behavior because she doesn’t want to hurt him. I’m wondering what her priorities are cause she is hurting me!”

I asked whether he had told her of his fears; he said yes which had landed him an ultimatum. I just asked him to talk it through with her but also assured him that I didn’t think anything was going on between them. Note that at this time, I was certain I was being played! My girl texted me that night telling me about how I had spoilt things and that she and he were having a big fight. All that was going on in my head was, what did I do? I just told your guy that you and Mwangi aren’t dating and that you had no feelings for him??


Aaar fu! The relationship was scarred anyway and I don’t know if we would ever get back ‘there’ in terms of the trust. I love you, girl, though in case you read this. This was also the time I vowed to never be chatty with anyone’s boyfriend. 

That guy…