This Guy Mwangi…The things we took for granted.

This guy! Priorities are the things that should always be at the top of our list. For us Christians, its God. For academics, its studies. For those in a relationship, its love. Priorities help us keep our focus on what is important and for a person my age, what is more, important than studies? Do you remember my ‘bestie’ who was spending time within corners while the rest of us were hurrying to get home? If you don’t, then jog your memory here. For the rest of us…

It was about school closing time and we were all busy doing our exams, each one of us trying to cram and memorize our notes. Although I was one of these reading individuals, I have to admit that I wasn’t the typical book warm. Two hours with a book can be such a long time for me. I used to spend my now free time helping out my friend with her projects which were certainly incomplete. I asked her how exactly she got to this point where she was so behind in literary everything.

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My dear bestie. This is when I actually got the first red flag of a betrayal. She told me that though she was to spend her free time doing her assignments like every other normal student; her Fridays nights were spent dancing(okay) and her weekends were spent having fun with this guy in concerts and festivals.

“Every week?” I asked “Most!” she said.

My bestie was actually enjoying the comfort of the man I thought I loved. I was still true to her though. I kept my cool and didn’t show my pain.

So here I was, trying to quick fix the many errors and blanks in her pin-up… Coloring here and gluing there. We managed a few here’s and there’s but my girl was absolutely sure that she was going to get supplementary. I tried to cheer her up and tell her it was okay but who was I kidding? When we went to pin up her work in the board, versus some of her classmates’… Her classmates made her work look like a joke. The bullet on the chest was when her lecturer asked her is she was sure she got her KCSE A fair and square. This guy. Did I mention Mwangi had As all over his transcripts? I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the first class.



Time went by and when the results were out, my girl not only had a supplementary, she was discontinued. She was to sit out for a whole academic year and join in the next year. ( this means you are taken back two years.) She tried to appeal her case and stepped back into class but after the whole semester of learning and drawing and stuff, she wasn’t allowed to do her exams. Bummer! I looked at her when she told me about it and I was sorry. She had lost so much. This time though, we were not as close as before. A rift had occurred during the holidays. One that made me not trust her as my friend and disbelieve every word that came out of her mouth.

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My bestie.

She had the attention I wanted, she had the man I wanted, she claimed she didn’t love him but look, he cost her her fucking time. This guy…

Stay tuned for the maybe the last episode of this guy Mwangi.