This Guy Mwangi… The Friends We Lost

This guy! Now, I realize some of you, my loves, think you know Mwangi… No, you don’t. It is a fictional name to describe my very true character. Let me be like General Iroh today and say that in life we meet a lot of individuals and some of them charm us to the point that we invite them into our life’s and never let them go. We know we shouldn’t hold on but we kinda force ourselves to them hoping that they will finally realize that we are awesome and we are perfect for them.

Sweet Mwangi. Did I say that I let him go? Well, I did, Sexually, not Physically. I kept tabs on him and we used to chat whenever he remembered I existed. I remember this young side of me and I feel sorry… Why was I this desperate??? Anyway, there was some concert being held to break some record and we were to go together… At least that’s what I thought. On that auspicious day, I also had an interview somewhere within my home at a nearby school. I was applying to be a tutor and in the interview, I was asked to display my teaching skills to some kids in the school which I did for the first and second periods. At around lunchtime, however, I had to go to the concert. Might I add that this was the first concert I was actually going to with him?

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My to be employer was obviously not happy about me leaving but stupid I wanted to meet this guy. I made an excuse about me wanting to go to my high school to picky certificates and left. (Lost at the interview by the way… No response was given!) I reached the said venue at around 2 and called the guy… He was not there yet and I didn’t deem it safe to enter the place😐. I mean, I had never been there, how would I even maneuver? This guy said he would take a while and dear sweet me waited meekly for my knight in shining armor who… Jeez, was I not ignorant? I tried calling my friend (and cousin) asking if I could spend a while at their place while I waited but they were too busy and I couldn’t blame them. Neither knew I would be around. So I waited at a bench next to a grocer who also happened to sell sweets. An hour passed and that is when he texted me, ‘Tumefika, Uko wapi?


Surprise number one was Tu-mefika (as in me and someone) the second one was that they entered the venue without me😭. I was just a brathe. He told me to walk myself in and despite begging him to pick me he insisted he couldn’t. “Just follow where the music is coming from.” does this man know how insecure I get in crowded areas? Was he not sympathetic to the fact that I had never been here? How… ( when people just want your booty this is how they act btw)

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After a few directions from the passers-by, I finally got to the square. I called again and this time he said… “We have already taken our seats, just have a seat anywhere we will meet after the event.” The man didn’t even want to see me! So sad I took a seat across some strangers and just allowed myself to forget everything and make the best out of that day- I had already used up my money anyway. I chatted with ‘neighbors’ and when the event was through, I started to look for This guy. ( I know, no lessons learned) Please note that I had decided to not talk to him ever again but I didn’t want to show it; at least not yet. I have an ego yes but I also have a degree in acting as if nothing has happened!
He tried to make it up to me but between the weird poses and fake smiles, I knew it was over!

Stay tuned for the next episode.