This guy

This Guy Mwangi…Too Close To Rape

This guy… He almost had his way. The one thing most of us are pants down against is rape. It doesn’t matter what the victim did or whatever the relationship he had with the assaulter. Rape is rape and rape should be treated with the seriousness it deserves! This includes the psychological rape where someone initially didn’t want to have sex with you but you persuaded them into it. Note… I don’t mean when your lover teases no when she just wants you to work for the yes… I mean when someone says no and no means no!

It was Friday but unlike most Fridays… Mwangi wasn’t around so when I went to the club I couldn’t find him. His friend was, however, and he came towards me. We started talking and this is when I found out Mwangi was in town and though he would back, he wasn’t due until around midnight. We took time to dance a little when he asked me to take him to his place. This guy…Please note that I thought we were going to pick something – or something like that; strictly not shag. I was shagging his friend!

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I reached his place; he offered me a seat, took his toiletries and went to shower. I kept myself busy watching a movie. He came back after around 5 minutes and turned off the lights to dress. I understood… I wasn’t kwa idhaa take anyway. He turned on the lights and started searching in his wardrobe for I don’t know what. He fished out a blunt. “Hii, Mwangi amesema tumbakishie…” I relaxed once I realized Mwangi was part of this event and I smoked my puffs enjoying myself while I let my high headedness take over. Half the blunt and I wasn’t high… You see after doing blunts from a sheesha pot… You tend to take much time before it ‘carries you‘. He decided we should use it all and I was enjoying myself so heck yeah!



‘Wacha kuwaste weed..’ I didn’t know what this guy meant but I soon found out he wanted me to smoke and exhale into his mouth. Aki, I was a goner by this time and I didn’t think he was lowkey asking me to make out with him. While I was ‘sambazaring‘ the weed, he grabbed me by the back of my head and forced his lips into mine. I kissed back… I wish I hadn’t but I did and it was… Goodness! Let’s just say I wouldn’t ever make out with the man and I’m trying to forget how sloppy it was. He pushed me to the bed lips still on my mouth and that is when it hit me. This lad wanted sex.

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I tried to push him away, God knows I tried but he pinned me down by my shoulders and I was defenseless. His lips on my mouth wouldn’t even allow me to speak. When he broke the kiss to catch a breath, I put my lips between my teeth and clenched them shut while moving my head from side to side. He hesitated and I took that opportunity to wake up and stand next to the door. I was too afraid to scream cause I wasn’t sure anyone would defend me since anyway, I took myself to his room. He started caressing my hands and asking me to please go back to the bed. I knew he was stronger than me so I didn’t try to be strong; I chose to be a weak opponent; I cried and started to whimper… He tried to comfort me still urging me to sleep with him but I wouldn’t have it! All I thought of was how I would open the door without turning. I wasn’t so sure he wouldn’t grab me by the neck.


When he saw that all his sweet nothings were going nowhere he started to apologize and he opened the door and we left back to the club. He made me promise I wouldn’t tell. Oh but I did. I confided in my male doctor friend and after I explained to him the same story, he said I shouldn’t tell Mwangi and that this probably was some game or bet. Eventually, I told Mwangi and he looked at me and laughed shyly with a coy smile. Did I mention Mwangi was shy?

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