Bruises, Swellings, Boils… Find Out How Costly They Can Be

Bruises, swellings, boils… Nobody likes them. They are painful and absolutely unattractive, especially if they are on your face or in areas around your face. Even worse are if they are in areas around your inner thighs or pubic region. Those things can be a pain in the ass.

I am naturally very hippy. Now, to some, I might seem like I’m living a dream but sometimes being thick is costly. On this particular day, I had worn a simple black body con dress with tights. My shoes were a white and black sneaker type which I later realised were a size too small. That day, I went all the way to NITA to look for attachment( if your somewhere in 3rd or 4th year, then you know the struggle). I didn’t feel any particular pain in my thighs from my way to NITA or back to juja so I assumed I was fine. We took a seat at some salon in Gate A and chilled while my girl got her dreads retouched. This took around 4 hours(something we didn’t anticipate) and we ended up leaving at around 8. Now here is when my itchy twitchy pain started.

Every step and I could feel like a sword was continually cutting my upper thigh. I had a bruise and it was horrible! I soon reached the basketball court and saw my man walking with some of his team mates. He came toward me and it was all complaints of me ranting about how bad my day was. It was a waste! He tried to take me to his place but I hadn’t eaten all day so I excused myself to change my shoes and promised I would see him later. This coupled with me taking off my tights which were causing me massive discomfort.After freshening up I left to see bae.

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Well, bae was nice and he took time to massage my feet 😍😘. The pain in my bruise had subsided and I didn’t see it necessary to tell him. We made out and in a bit, he took my clothes of and we decided to… You know. We spooned and as is customarry to us we shifted from the spoon to me in my tummy and him on top( I don’t know the exact name) . The first thrust, the second… That is when the pain started. I tried holding back his thighs but … The man has massive strength I have to admit. Dear me started to whimper in between thrusts. My bruise was getting worse and I couldn’t even speak… Try speaking between pain and pleasure… Especially if you like it kinky. He paused, I guess when he noticed something was a miss, and asked me what the problem was. To him, I was acting so weird he even asked if I was cheating.


I told him of the bruise in my thigh and obviously angered by the fact that I didn’t tell him. He wasn’t in for the sex anymore but I quickly lied on my back and assured him the position would be okay.Either way, this little bruise would have cost me a relationship if I was particularly rash that night… Or maybe he was not so patient to hear my response

Have you ever had a boil or bruise in your thigh pubics or ass?
Did it almost cost you your sex life?
How did you handle it?