STI s (Sexually Transmitted Infections)! Are We Safe?

Nobody likes being sick or getting an infection; worse, a sexually transmitted one. While identifying someone who has an STI by just looking at them can be impossible, case studies and hospital records do show that a number of us youth (inclusive of campus students) do suffer from of have suffered from an STI. Some of us don’t even know that what we are suffering from is an STI – in the cases of Chlamydia and sometimes gonorrhoea. Either way, an STI can be embarrassing and it puts you at risk for other opportunistic infections and other STI s so if you feel like you might have contracted one, please do get checked!

I never thought I would encounter an STI face to face. On this particular night I was in the house of my crush who was very very good looking if I may add. We had texted frequently before,; mostly teasing each other sexually, and eventually we arranged for a meet to finally satisfy our curiosities and imaginations. That evening we didn’t have time for tea, or ‘kukaribisha mgeni’. One moment I was at his door and the next I was grasping for my breath after he grabbed me by my ass and made out with me while carrying me to his bed. The sheets were really cold but they were clean enough.

He took my pants off and started massaging my lady things. I like this but for a first encounter… Its just too intimate. I pulled him towards me to continue with the sweet kisses. He took of his pants and tried to pull it inside me. I wasn’t going there for the sex might I add… Just the kisses and a little bit of boobs but not actual penetration. He insisted… Rubbing his member around my thigh and occasionally pocking me with it in a possible attempt to turn me on. He just didn’t get it. I was turned on but I didn’t want to sleep with him tonight.

Anyway… He stood from the bed sulking and started dressing up. That is when I saw his member. It was big, yes… But it had so many sores and pimples around me that made me cringe my face. I wanted to ask him about it but chose not to. I didn’t want him to get even more hurt and come after me to satisfy his already damaged ego

STI s are infections transmitted through sexual contact and they include syphilis, AIDS, herpes and gonorrhea. This is done through any sexual activity that may involve the mouth, anus, vagina or penis.


Common symptoms of an STI include: 

  • Discharge with a weird unusual colour- eg Gonorrhoea_yellow discharge
  • Prolonged unusual itchy ness in your genitals
  • Smelly discharge
  • Sores, bumps or warts around genitals or mouth
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Painful urination
  • Swelling or redness near the genitals

It is required that you go to the hospital with your partner so that both of you can be treated and although this signs do occur when you are infected with an STI, they are also present in other infections like UTI s which might not necessarily be sexually transmitted!
So how can you prevent transmitting an STI?

  1. Use a latex condom whenever you have sex. This helps prevent most STI s but HPV can still be transferred even after using a condom
  2. Limit the number of sexual partners you have… Or just be abstinent.
  3. Be cautious wheel you choose the people you sleep with.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the signs of an STI and always check for them before engaging in sexual activity. I know we girls love doing it in the dark… But it’s about time you leave the lights on

If you have an STI?

  • Stop having sex to avoid transmitting it to your partner
  • Always follow your doctors medical instructions
  • Don’t resume having sex until your doctor gives you a go ahead.
  • Ensure your sexual partners are also treated to avoid re-infection

Medical Disclaimer

The texts, images and information available in this article are only meant for general purpose knowledge. Hence, they should never be substituted for professional medical advice. Do not disregard or delay in seeking it for something you have read in this article.