Friday Nights, Low Lit Clubs and Drunk Souls

Friday night! Finally… This is the night that most of us find ourselves in clubs or house parties gobbling down varieties of liquor while we gyrate our hips to the beats of a popular dance hall tune or whatever it is that is playing. The rather conservative types however find themselves in the houses of their significant other catching up on their physical and emotional desires. Those of us who are either broke or formless end up in our homes curled up in our beds texting more people like us or watching movies and the likes. What is common for all of us, however, is that Friday is a day where we get to ‘let loose’ knowing that tomorrow we don’t have to wake up early.

This particular Friday I found myself in a club in Migori with my team mates, our lecturers and a few sponsors… I mean people who sponsored our medical camp event. We were celebrating our success so don’t me wrong. In any case, wee went there first and the older generation joined us. We weren’t going to leave our drinks just because a few over 40 individuals walked into the club and anyway, I didn’t know if there was any other club. Back to my story…
Those who know me well know that im not much of a drinker, mostly one shot is enough for me… Or one glass of wine… Or one bottle of black ice. That Friday night I followed the rules but broke a major one none the less. I mixed Smirnoff black ice with Best. Yeah, I know you are crunching your face at the moment and yes… It tasted like hell. Being a student, I wouldn’t let the glass go to waste so I mastered my courage, had a ‘conversation’ with my stomach and drank it gulp by gulp till my glass was almost empty. Please note that during this whole time, I was feeling nothing in terms of being drunk… Okay, maybe just a tad light headed.

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Mother nature called and it is then; when I tried to stand, that I felt like a whole weight was placed on top of me. In fact, I sank back at my seat! The man next to me offered to take me to the washrooms and all the way I was scolding myself. What happened to drinking while you piss so that the alcohol can leave your system fast? It had been 30 minutes already and I’m sure my blood was full blown alcohol. I started to dance and called my team members to join me which they did but of all of us… I was the one who was slowly losing my energy. Damn, the alcohol was working so fast! After about another 20 minutes, I started to feel sick. It was trip after trip after trip to the washrooms and my throat was so sore by the time I was done. It was during this time that I was offered a couple of condoms and I rejected them. What do they think! That cause I’m drunk I’m loose? Naah, all the way I kept chanting ‘you can do this… Just don’t let the alcohol control you!’ That is when I decided to take a rest and wait the drunkenness out. Sweet me took a seat closed my eyes and slept the dizziness away.


I woke up to the commotion of our lecturers fighting with a couple of guys in the club. I actually thought this ‘thing’ just happened in movies but here it was right in front of my eyes. Sinema ya bure as my mom would say😁😁😂. They were fighting over a few girls of our team so yeah… Malecturer wetu ni mafisi. The commotion quickly dissolved and I started dancing again upon feeling better. 1st song, 2nd, 3rd and the ‘sponsor’ started calling me to his table. I knew what he wanted since he had approached the previous night during which I was saved by my friend who lied I had her comb. My lecturer tried to send me to him after he saw that I was intentionally ignoring the man but no… I was not going to lead myself to my death by entertaining a politically powerful and influential man; someone’s father and husband for that matter. He said I have no brain but oh I do have a conscience and a beating heart – I wasn’t going to cheat on my boyfriend.

Friday! We left the club at around 2:30 and left for kisumu early the next day so you know the bus was smelling like hangovers and was full of drowsy eyes. About a month or two… Or less… News about Sharon and Obado broke. I still wonder what would have been my story if I made a different call.