Lesbian,Straight, Bisexual… Should it be what matters?

Most people assume that being homosexual is easy… Especially in the case of us women; those who identify as either lesbian or bisexual. I heard once that being with a woman is considered being weak. You can’t handle the harshness of a man or the responsibilities that one has when they date a man. They assume that we are rebels not willing to comply to the rules of creation and nature… The same nature that has more women being born that men. Or at least more girls get to survive to age five and more after birth. Don’t get me wrong I have no particular agenda against nature and I consider myself a Christian. Recently in class we learnt a study on gay men that discovered that they had an alteration on a gene in a specific chromosome that I can’t remember. Trust me, understanding medical facts is one thing… But memorizing all the little gory details is another. Read about the facts here

I had first feelings for a girl in high school. She was my deskmate actually and we were very close. I couldn’t muster the courage to tell her about it however since I was afraid she would reject me and push me away. ( I don’t get this alienation thing… Do they think we will rape them or something?) In form three however, I buried my fears and walked up to her and told her. Funny enough, she felt the same way about me so what are the odds? We used to study together, walk around together, eat… Okay bottom line, she was my deskie, my bestie and my girl! In a couple of weeks however things got bad for us. The captain of our school ( who I worked for as a body guard, a close friend of mine) decided we were too disgusting for her eyes. Later that night, my bed and my girlfriend’s bed had water poured on them. I don’t mean the light showered that you can ignore… I mean my mattress was soaked and dripping water on the floor. The school captain had orchestrated this event after she and a few individuals in school agreed that our relationship was uncalled for. I confronted her about it but anyway, I was the guilty one. Me and my girl were suspended the next day… 2 weeks on account of lesbianism. My friend, who me and my girlfriend campaigned for to win the captaincy seat had sold us out.

Read about Ruby Rose and how twitter trolls made her quit her role as bat woman here

I didn’t realize how much my kind was disliked until I got to uni and I heard my roommates describing our ways… ” they are weird… Kazi yao ni kuingizana vidole“. Do they think that being a lesbian is all about sex? In any case is does all sex we have involve fingers? Anyway; then, they didn’t know that I was a lesbian. In time I dated this girl, she was the captain of the football club I won’t say where. She used to sleep in our room once in a while but eventually she started to stay and most night she would find herself at night in my bed. Out of respect for my roommates, we were not doing anything extravagant or let me say past making out. I never thought they had a problem with her until eventually there was an argument and I sensed bad blood in my room.I called for a meeting and asked them what exactly was the problem. Let’s just say it all revolved around my relationship( all the said ‘cons’ were pointed out) and it was decided that she was not to sleep there again.


I want to say that I am a very proud lesbian but I go through alot of backlash that has me keeping my mouth shut even when my kind is mocked. This happens mostly in churches and mosques. Religion clearly dictates that homosexuality is a no-no and sometimes I enter the church wondering, “Is this the day when they will lay hands on me and say tunakemea hii pepo?” This is where I think of my girl friends who have both male and female parts and wonder what was the plan for them? Their male part is what’s functional, no man would accept them, so who are they supposed to date? Themselves?

Life can sometimes be so complicated!

Are you a homosexual?
Do you know anyone who is?
Do you think we homosexuals deserve to be treated with kindness?