My Coochie Is white! Am I getting infertile?

The female coochie is actually a very delicate part of a lady’s body. The coochie is sensitive and it is very reactive to all changes that occur in your body. True to it… You get turned on; you get wet… You about to ovulate; you get this sweet smelling discharge that makes you feel like everyone can literally identify that it’s that time of the month… You about to mense and it gets dry and sticky as hell😐.  Now all this is about hormones! Other things in turn change our coochie’s environment including the type of soaps you use for down there,how frequently you wash, and whether you do the necessary after going for a short call. Failure to comply with what her majesty  the coochie wants and you will find yourself with a white itchy/ burning punany.

I had this awkward feeling in my vagina where it got especially itchy. Not the I’m dying kind of itch… Just the normal itch that I occasionally get after mensing- the one that reminds me I need to take off my inner wear and go commando for three days to let my love aerate. I did not think much of it on the first day and when I felt a strong sensation after showering I took some mild baby Vaseline( the pink one) and applied it. I have to admit though, it was soothing❄❄. I just assumed I was sore!

The next evening after showering I felt the exact same sensation and stupid me wanted to do the exact same Vaseline applying thing. I couldn’t find the pink one so I used the for men (blue) one. What I felt after that was like my vagina was literally in the flames of hell! I took my mirror and headed to the washrooms. Guess what? My coochie looked like a culture plate, white and hard.I couldn’t believe what I saw!

I immediately called bae and informed him about it. He told me its normal and I should go get checked😊. Trust me I was expecting some ‘you cheated on me!‘  vibes and I’m so happy he handled the situation like the educated man he was. After doing some googling and visiting the doctor I actually confirmed I had a yeast infection. It sounds disgusting I know but 80% of females do manage to get it in their life time.

I can’t remember the exact name of the medication but it had a v3 to it and I was to insert  each  every night for three nights. Boy wasn’t it humiliating!!! I got help to do it but still… Try inserting a plastic tube with a tablet inside to your hard vagina… I healed up eventually but I swore to never be ignorant with my coochie ever again! I hang my innerwears in the sun where everyone will see, I rinse off my coochie like 5 times to make sure no soap is left, I shave to ensure no bacterial build up… And I sleep commando every night…

So what exactly is a vaginal yeast infection?


A vaginal yeast infection is when your vagina has an overgrowth of  yeast.  I say overgrowth because these fungi(Candida albicans) are usually in a balance with lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus)  in the vagina. An overgrown of either leads to a fungal or a bacterial infection. Then, you experience an itchy vagina which might be swollen and you might get a thick white discharge. It is usually self-diagnosable but it is better to seek medical assistance for the 1st infection… You can never be too sure with matters of the coochie.

Find out more about a vaginal yeast infection here

The infection may or may not go on its own depending on severity but treatments include antifungal drugs (which may be taken orally, injected or inserted) and antifungal creams which are used for a period of one to three days. Complicated infections however require longer treatment.  I have also heard that drinking probiotic yoghurt helps since it increases the population of the lactic acid bacteria.

Meanwhile… to avoid a vaginal infection;

  1. Wear a breathable under wear- cotton preferably
  2. Don’t wear things that squeeze your vag
  3. Don’t douche products into your coochie
  4. Around using scented products around your vagina(soaps, lotions, perfumes)
  5. Avoid hot tubs and extra hot baths..-kwanza vile I like doing this
  6. Change your wet clothes immediately… Soiled inner wears swimsuits and trousers
  7. Wipe your coochie from front to back… Always. This also avoids parasitic infections and colonization with bacteria in the intestinal tract
  8. Use antibiotics only when necessary. Antibiotics kill lactobacilli and alters the balance in the vagina causing fungal overgrowth.

You are at an increased risk of infection however if you are pregnant, you are diabetic, you have a weak immune system or you use birth control.

Let’s keep our coochies’ nice and pink

Have you ever had a vaginal infection?

How did you manage it?

Medical Disclaimer

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