Mjulus Yako Haifanyi Kwani? – Erectile Dysfunction

Women tend to be ignorant when it comes with affairs that affect men! Okay maybe we hide stuff from them but when it comes to mjulus affairs… No. That they should know. This is actually the part of my being that has its own head- a mind of its own. Mjulus ikikataa, imekataa.

I’m a recent graduant of JKUAT and I got lucky to find a job that sort out my fimancial needs far too well and gave me some to spare. I was living my dream. On Friday evening I dashed out of work and found myself in Tribeka. I ordered some guiness and sat at a table sampling the beautiful girls in the club grinding and working their asses up like there was no tomorrow. It was them that I identified a dark skin at the counter sipping some black ice. She was beautiful wearing a linen red body con and white kitten heels. I hadn’t seen her here before so I guess either it was her first time or I just hadn’t been here for quite some time.

Kwani mjulus yako haifanyi?

I couldn’t figure out whether to buy her a drink or approach her first but I found myself next to her at the counter asking her what her name was while she blushed and laughed. She was a little bit tipsy and her eyes had this glimmer. She didn’t even hesitate when I later asked her to go to my place! Lily, her name was Lily.

As soon as I opened the door to my living room,she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me pushing me to the wall. This was for sure not the vulnerable damsel in distress vibes that I registered at the club. I liked it anyway and I cupped her ass and lifted her while she wrapped her hands around me. I took her to my room and one by one clothes off. When my time to shine came I was sadly met with the all so harsh remark…

Kwani mjulus yako haifanyi?

I had always struggled with erectile distinction ever since I lost my virginity somewhere in first year. Don’t get me wrong, I do get hard… Just not when a beautiful woman is in front of me butt ass naked. I can just manage a flaccid mjulus😐.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where your mjulus doesn’t get hard, or hard enough, or hard enough for the right duration during shagging. Having trouble erecting once in a while shouldn’t concern you… But when it happens frequently and continually it is a cause for concern. You might also experience less hunger for sex.

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This condition can be caused by a variety of things starting from diabetes and obesity to smoking and sleep disorder. Stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems are also known to cause it.

Erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed by a doctor and treatments given include;
1. Oral medication
2. Penis pumps, surgery and implants
3. Exercise
4. Physiological counselling


Not that each treatment depend on the cause of the dysfunction so do go to a doctor first to get a correct diagnosis
Other lifestyles choices you might make include;

  • Quit smoking
  • Lose excess weight
  • Exercise
  • Work through your issues and whatever might be stressing you

Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself with am erectyile dysfunction?
What were the measures you took?
Did it help?