We Are Paged! What Next?

So what if you paged your partner… Or got paged?For those of us who are sexually active.. We are constantly living with this shadow called a babe in the top of our heads. I mean if you are a woman in college and you haven’t googled early signs of pregnancy… You are either a lesbian or very sexually starved (not a bad thing by the way).

Once I thought I was at a risk of being pregnant. That day me and babe had been reckless and we were consumed in trying to calm our raging hormones. It was day 10 past my menses and I was sure as hell fertile. Then I couldn’t take emergency contraceptives since I had already doused 3 that year and we were hardly in April. (Those who know this science know well that emergency pills are to be taken in breaks of 6 months to avoid reproductive tract abnormalities and hormonal imbalances). He asked around and got word about the IUD which could terminate a pregnancy a few days after implantation. That night I spent my whole time researching about the IUD especially to see its extent and how exactly it was placed. The idea of a stranger’s head between my legs trying to insert a copper mass inside me didn’t register well with me but what could I have done? A child at 20?

I then remembered about Marie Stopes a clinic that is worldwide known for encouraging children to be born by choice and not chance and I visited their website… Setting up a live chat and asking questions. They gave me a positive response in no time and it was during this time that I was directed to their branch in Thika.

I told bae about it and he agreed that I should go… Keyword I not we. This pissed me off and not just a tad. I mean, what if something bad happened to me while I was lying helpless on a hospital bed with my vaj all out? Kwanza after the quark doctors video? Aaah well.. He eased up eventually and we made our tripKenya


Let me not bore you with the hospital reception bit and go straight to the point. The doctor refused to give me an IUD cause it was only placed during or immediately after menses. He gave me some family planning pills and sent us home saying we should wait to find out if I’m pregnant and if I was I was to return. Now this wait was the longest and it was during this time that babe and I sat down and debated on what we would do if I turned out to be pregnant. While my love was sure I wasn’t paged on the account of ‘Kumwaga nje’ I didn’t want to take chances… It was either we keep it or we terminate it. We both wanted to keep it but the odds interns of school, finances and strict parents were not in our favour.

From the ‘Daktari Mugo’ video I saw… I could tell that an arbotion was utterly painful. I mean… All that pain to commit an unthinkable sin? Those stories I’ve heard are not any better! Women using sharp objects like sticks or pills that send someone writhing in pain! People die!

I remember that was the time we were doing immunology tests which included urinalysis and pregnancy texts. The lab technician told one of us to volunteer our urine as women to be a control test and I felt my inside quiver. What if I’m truly paged? Will I get to find out about it here in public? Hell no!

A few days after and my designated ‘red time’ reached but no red berries came. I became stressed and I kept googling and youtubing early signs of pregnancy in an attempt to calm myself. Google can be of help in many occurrences but not when you are supposed to figure out your physiological and anatomical status. I went all the way to gashororo (where nobody knew me at the time) and got me a pregnancy kit test. I locked myself in the toilet did what had to be done. 2 minutes after and just a single line. Yes you can imagine the look on my face😊. I told bae and he was like ‘si nilikuambia you ain’t paged…’ Oh please!

I got to mense eventually but I still wonder what would I have done…
Would I have kept it?