i want to be single

Millennials… What ‘it’ cost ‘us’

I happen to be among the vast group of millennials; individuals born in the ’97. This happens to be the time of the ‘the great flood‘ so
yes… Call me an Elnino babe if you wish; rather el’babe. I also happen to be born in the time when HIV struck Kenya like a hurricane and many lives were getting lost… And would be lost in a few years… I’m a millennial… A group of individuals of a certain age group knows to make mistakes and be rash and be utterly disrespectful. We don’t like to listen or to follow; we only live once and who cares? We just having fun!

I want to be single

I’m afraid to be single

Is it okay… If I’m single?

Before I became a teenager I was fond of watching melodramatic series’ better known as soaps which lied to us about most facts about love. Then I had a crush on a very timid classmate called John and I was certain I was going to marry him. This is the time when your parent tells you you don’t know what love is and you should wait but you insist and get on with it. Sadly there was nowhere for me to go by since the fool rejected me.

In his defense, I was naive, young and we were in class 7. I give myself credit though… I handled the rejection pretty well though it left me a scar that would probably never heal. You see, the man never replied to any of my letters and would read them with his boys while they waited for the bus to take them home. Stupid me became the class laughing stalk for a while but oh well… At least I was brave and professed my feelings. I don’t take kindly to blueticks and gossip non-the-less.

Ah… Back to millennials… We were also born in the time where movies were sold in CDs which left most of us in the disposal of too-mature, too-graphic films that messed up our sexuality and made some of us impotent and others mentally-sexually unstable… I’m speaking about the cases of erectile dysfunction and our not so watery sisters. Those of us who didn’t watch it found about it in peer groups while we played “kalongo” in dark alleys calling ourselves husbands husbands or wives. In our time, let us remember to not fondle with one another while our kids are on the bed… Pretending to be asleep. If you were a virgin by the time you got 5… Then I applaud you.

So you see; millennials… My peer group consists of mainly sexually damaged souls and hopeless romantics all of us with parents who although they try to be concerned do not know is very well. I mean; try telling mama nani who used to beat you with slippers and through a ‘sufuria ya ugali‘ at you that you are paged… This is why many ladies are undergoing abortions… We don’t want to… But a better life and assured education is a better deal.

Those of us with lenient ‘peroz‘ got lucky and we’re gifted everything they asked for. They smiled laughing at us while we were whipped in school on account of this and that. ‘Mama nani alisema mtoto wake asiguzwe!‘ That is how some of us turn out to feel untouchable and cannot be given no for an answer.


Now in our 20s, our childhood is reflecting…

  • High rates of suicide due to high levels of depression. With depression, the trigger can be a small thing… It might just be a simple back bite… But in the mind of someone who has undergone alienation and social criticism, it might mean the world.
  • Couples killing each other… I mean damn… This has got to be the scariest yet. I find myself looking at my boyfriend these days and thinking… “after how much he has said he loves me… Can he kill me still for just an argument? ” I’m scared!
  • High levels of HIV/AIDS. Okay fine… HIV is just a condition this days but this issue of  “ukipata lazima upee wengine… ” isn’t this the worst level of inhumanity….

All the same.. I appreciate that millennials are a generation full of talent.. Lots of rappers, musicians, poets and artist. We are also blessed with academias even though sadly there are no jobs. We will manage none the less. Most of us are entrepreneurs and in time we shall be a generation of C.E.Os.