kenyatta university students disrupt museveni

Kenyatta University students disrupt Ugandan president’s lecture with Bobi Wine chants

On Friday, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni visited the Kenyatta University to give a public lecture at the institution’s Amphitheatre. Students protested outside the building as his lecture was going on.

In a video circulating on social media, Kenyatta University students were seen chanting songs in praise of Bobi Wine. Police officers were also seen trying to keep the students far away from the building.

Some students were spotted yelling at Yoweri Museveni telling him that he should respect human rights and step down.

Blogger Boniface Mwangi had earlier asked comrades to protest the Ugandan president’s lecture through his twitter account.

“A dictator who has ruled Uganda for 33 years, Museveni will give a lecture at Kenyatta University. Exams have been canceled at Kenyatta University to allow a murderous dictator a platform. I hope comrades will give him trouble, Disrupt! Free Stella Nyanzi!” He wrote.


Museveni is known to deal thoroughly with anyone who dares to stand against him. He spares no one even if he/she is his close friend.

Stella Nyanzi is one of his victims. She is a renowned activist and a former lecturer at Makerere University. Currently, she is in jail over a Facebook post she wrote deeming Museveni to be offensive.