memes kenya

The science behind memes in Kenya

Have you ever wondered how your life would be like without memes? What makes memes so funny, addictive and viral? Read on to know more of these.

Data from friends and foes shows that the average Kenyan Post-Millennial and Millennial spends an average of 15 minutes a day (cumulatively) watching memes on just WhatsApp status alone! Memes are the only antidepressants that are not drugs and complement the comedy industry in relieving stress and anxiety.

#1 What are memes?

Memes are digital images, gifs or short videos that bear humorous imitations, satirical cartoons, and sarcastic captions. They tend to convey cultural, political, social information on a very light note. Also, they are generally seasonal, even the best memes can only last up to 4 months after which they become irrelevant.

#2 Why are memes so entertaining?

Schadenfreude is a German term that describes the urge to enjoy watching other’s “misfortunes” and or ridicule. It’s due to this mixed feeling that clowns and Mime Artists make money. In essence, memes tend to objectify misfortunes, situations, and occasions. They do so in an ironical and satirical manner, therefore, making them funny and memorable.


#3 Are memes universal?

As long as the language used is understood by the target audience, memes can span over countries and even continents. Also, it doesn’t take much to comprehend memes. Therefore, they can quickly convey information to a wide audience. This is why memes are viral.

#4 Which opportunities can be leveraged from memes?

Memes are by far the fastest way the younger generation are consuming information courtesy of their viral aspect. And as a rule of thumb, where the people are is where marketers should be. They are very memorable and due to these facts that tech companies such as Safaricom, Faiba, Airtel just but to mention a few are beginning to adopt this new way of marketing strategy. Memes are also a swift way of building up a presence in the social media, after which this following can be monetized by creatively crafting marketing campaigns for this following.

#5 What are the limitations of memes?

Like anything and everything out there, memes have their limitations too. As mentioned above they have a short shelf life and can convey only so much at each instance. This is why due to these reasons meme creators use a belt of memes to convey more information.

In a nutshell, Memes are a powerful tool of both conveying information and marketing. In fact, they have led to the growth of a whole new industry – theMemeIndustry. So far it can be credited to have led rise of meme creators who earn a living from it. Memes have also impacted the photography industry indirectly and nowadays leading to the sprouting of “socialites”. Finally, they have also seen Kenyans “help” people who have been subject to ridicule like the song “Mathwiti”.