why you should not date a man with a big penis

10 reasons why you should not date a man with a big penis

When it comes to size issues, bigger is better? Probably not, this is just a big lie spread by xvideos. I mean it’s more easier to see huge ones on screens than in real life. As far as ladies are concerned, dating a man with a big snake is a hindrance by itself. Don’t be quick to judge; read on to know more of this.

I know there is a debate that has been going on about if size matters. Hey, if your guy is soo sweet, thoughtful, very charming and also funny – when you go to the bedroom, will penis size really matter? The answer is yes, very often but not as Mr. Toothpick thinks. Btw it’s just the ‘motion of the bus, not the size of the bus’….. Correct? Anyway, here is why you shouldn’t date a man with a big penis.

  1. Your cookie won’t fit

In simple terms, the one-eyed monster doesn’t fit any nunus. It’s like trying to squeeze your full wrist into a 500ml bottle of water. Honestly is this possible?

Any kind of action that needs a very serious forward planning and a careful maneuver should be avoided at all costs so as to prevent brutal injuries to one or both parties.

  1. Condoms won’t fit

It’s too large no sizes available locally will fit the tent pipe without actually tearing. In fact, this will lead to tracking down a P2 specialist supplier who will charge you thrice the regular price after having Netflix and chill three times in one week.

why you should not date a man with a big penis

  1. vanilla sex

With your average or rather small-sized guy, you can try whichever styles you want. I mean hearts on top of each other, sitting down, them on top, you on top, from the side, from behind and so on.

On the other hand, with a tent pole, you have to choose one style which will not make you howl in agony. Also, the guy has to keep some distance away from you so that the trouser snake won’t bite you.

  1. Extra careful and measured sex

Here is a fact: you’ll never have a fast and very passionate ‘elephant sex’ without getting pains afterward. Come to think of it.

  1. The need for lube

Do you always fancy a quickie in a private place like a car, or anywhere else? If yes I hope you always carry a lube for lubrication in your handbag almost daily. I mean the monster is too big; it can’t teleza na kupakwa mate even!

  1. Bleeding

We can technically refer to the tent pipe as a ‘pork sword’ since it can tear your insides. After all, what do you expect if you squeeze your hand in a thin glass tube? Will it expand to accommodate the size of your hand?

  1. Risk of suffocation

A woman can almost get chocked because of his ‘man’s meat’. I mean those extraordinary ndurus can even make one to temporally lose her voice and worse still cause suffocation in a few instances.


  1. Restriction to the sexual repertoire

I bet you know that particular episode of “Sex and the City” where it is said that a hot dude never thinks that he necessarily have to be good in bed because he is hot. That’s what happens if you date a guy with a big msedes. They just assume that they are outstanding in bed and don’t want to be taught anything.

why you should not date a man with a big penis

Guys with toothpicks or average sizes will work very hard to satisfy your desires so that they can make up for having that size. Additionally, these dudes are willing to be taught how to make you grin in sweetness since all the ladies have different pleasure points.

  1. Cystitis

Cystitis is a condition caused by an inflammation of the urinary bladder. It can be so annoying since it’s too painful and can also cause some grave health condition which in turn can spread to your kidneys. Nothing is romantic in getting an injured urethra such that you end up urinating fire.

  1. They are messy to look at

Let’s be honest, who on this earth can glance twice on something that is out of proportion such that it injures them? No not one…

Those msedes are not only messy to look at but also messy to your bed sheets and your cookie. They will split you open to a mtaro while messing your beddings and clothes with blood everywhere.


In a nutshell, it’s conical for you to think that having a guy with a big penis equates to great sex. This is, in fact, just total bullshit. Hope you now know why too big can sometimes be a problem by itself. Good luck in dating though I didn’t mean you start dating Mr. Toothpick, it all depends on your tastes and preferences.