how to create android apps without coding

How to create android apps without coding

We all know android as the most used platform in the world, correct? This is due to its open source OS where anyone can develop applications with his/her customizations. If you are looking for simple ways in which you can create your own Android apps without coding, let’s walk down together.

Imagine how creating your application can be beautiful. I mean sharing it with your family and friends to see how great an IT guru you are. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is fantastic. This write-up will take you through how you can make any android application of your choice without having any experience in programming.

Following is a list of applications and online services you can use as an inexperienced developer in creating Android apps without coding.

how to create android apps without coding

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  1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie mobile app has an easy to use interface that makes creating android apps simple. With this software, you can choose to add in-app purchases, connect databases and integrate any features to your business app. Additionally, Appy Pie can make apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.


You can opt for its free subscription or go for the premium subscription with some added features.

  1. AppMaker

This is one of the app builders that enable you to create apps without any programming knowledge. It can develop apps for windows phone, Android and iOS using its easy modules. All you need to do is to visit their website enter your application name then follow prompts. It’s completely free; however, you can get additional features with the premium plan to create more professional apps.

  1. Andromo App Maker

Making Android apps has further been eased by Andromo. You will build your first app utterly free on this platform. However, you will be required to switch to a professional plan in order to make your second app and also remove the Andromo logo from your apps.

Andromo will save you much money through acceleration of app making process to produce reputable, smarter and professional applications that will interact effectively with its users.

With this list of the best android app builders, you are guaranteed to make smarter apps without having to code. There are also additional awesome programs online which you can use to create your own professional and high-quality apps.