nhif paybill number

NHIF paybill number: Safaricom and Airtel

Hey, are you looking for NHIF paybill number to settle your Monthly contributions? If yes, then continue scrolling to learn more than you anticipated.

Every month each NHIF beneficiary is expected to contribute a certain amount of money according to his/her monthly salary. Employed individuals’ contributions are deducted from their wages. However, this does not apply to self-employed people since they don’t get a monthly salary. Below are Airtel Money and Mpesa NHIF paybill numbers:

Mpesa NHIF paybill no.

If you are currently using a Safaricom line, use the following paybill no: 200222.


nhif paybill number

Make sure that the account number you key in is exactly your ID number or the ID no. of the person you are paying on behalf of. For more details on how to pay NHIF using Mpesa, check our step by step guide from here.

Airtel Money NHIF paybill number

Airtel network subscribers can also pay their NHIF monthly contribution via Airtel money using 823263 paybill no. For more details on how to pay NHIF via Airtel Money check our guide from this link.

NHIF paybill number penalty

If you are paying for NHIF Penalty just add the letter “Y” at the end of your ID no. You will use the same Paybill number.

Example: If your ID no is 22334454, you will use the respective paybill no according to the service provider you are using and then key in the following account number “22334454y” without the quotation marks. Enter Ksh 250 only and follow the prompts until you finish the payments.

NHIF payments charges

Mpesa charges Ksh. 23 for the monthly Ksh. 500 contribution. For this reason, you should have a balance of Ksh. 523 for the payment to be processed. You can also Fuliza na Mpesa if you have insufficient funds in your account.

Check out our step by step guide on how to Fuliza na Mpesa.

Last time we checked paying NHIF using Airtel Money was free. In case the charges change, we will update this page to keep you updated.

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