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How to fuliza na Mpesa

By Henry Wambua

Recently, Safaricom launched a new Mpesa overdraft product known as Fuliza in partnership with CBA (Commercial Bank of Africa). For those who don’t know how to access the service, this article will shed some light to you.

Fuliza is a product that can be compared to Okoa Jahazi. The difference is that Okoa Jahazi does not charge interests on amounts borrowed.  The remarkable service has now complimented M-Shwari with its best terms and conditions. You can Lipan a Mpesa, Pay bill, buy goods and services and also send money to someone else using Fuliza.


Here is how to Fuliza na Mpesa.

How to qualify for the service

  1. You must have used your line for more than six months.
  2. You should have transacted with Mpesa for several times

How to register for Fuliza

You can’t access this service either through Safaricom mobile app or through a short USSD code. Below is how you can register for the service:

  1. Open your phone dialer application
  2. Dial the following number *234#
  3. Press the call button.
  4. Select the line you want to opt in with.
  5. Agree to terms and conditions by following the prompts.
  6. Wait as Safaricom team approves your request.

You can also opt in by installing the Safaricom mobile app and then following prompts.


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How to check your overdraft limit

Upon registering to Fuliza, a short message containing your borrowing limit will be sent to you. If you don’t get the SMS use the steps below to check it:

  1. Dial *234# from your phone dialer.
  2. Reply with option 0.
  3. Select check my limit option.
  4. You will receive a short message showing up your Fuliza limit.

How to Fuliza na Mpesa

To use the service after successful registration, go to the sim card menu and send money/pay bill/buy goods and services as you always do. After keying in your pin and selecting the OK option a popup text box will appear asking you would like to Fuliza since you have insufficient funds in your Mpesa account.

Reply with “Yes” option to Fuliza. The amount of money will be successfully sent to your recipient.

FUliza Charges and interest rates

As we all expect, Fuliza cannot be offered for free. A 1% access fee is charged for any amount borrowed. Here is a table showing the daily maintenance fee charged for various amounts:

AmountMaintenance fee charges
0 to 100Ksh. 2 One-time fee
101 to 500Ksh. 5 every day
501 to 1000Ksh. 10 every day
10001 to 1500Ksh. 20 every day
1501 to 2500Ksh. 25 every day
2501 to 70000Ksh. 30 every day


Repaying Fuliza

To repay your loan amount, you must top up your Mpesa account. Any money sent to your Mpesa will be automatically deducted if they owe you.

All loans must be repaid in a period of 30 days. After 90 days Safaricom will assume that you have defaulted the overdraft and will forward your name to CRB blacklist.

If a person sends money to you by mistake and you had an overdraft, reversal process will be effected just as it used to be before the service was introduced.

In a nutshell, this Safaricom product is the next biggest and simplest loan service in Kenya. It is reliable, affordable, and gives one a humble time to repay the loan in bits. For those who were looking for a guide on how to Fuliza na Mpesa, we hope that the above information has helped you.

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