another jkuat student stabbed

A STUDENT’S OPINION: “Who’s to blame for this insecurity? Is it the Police, JKUAT administration or students?”

Security is something that every JKUAT student needs enjoy regardless of his/her religion, beliefs, ethnicity, race, tribe, and place of residence. I mean security is a PRIORITY, do we agree? But this is not the case in Juja, students are being stabbed even in daylight!!!

Lack of security has indeed coursed a head ace to many of our students. The insecurity issues have been reported not one time, not two, not three…. but several times. From 2010, we have lost several lives of very INNOCENT comrades. The latest incident happened on 4th March 2019 where one of our own was robbed by thugs at 5:30pm around Seagul hotel.

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It will be remembered that this is the same place where Tabitha was also stabbed at 8pm around three weeks ago. It is also the same place where the body of another Tabitha was found lying lifeless around a year ago. The once peaceful area is slowly turning to be a black spot!

The two suspects involved in the latest saga were properly given beatings by furious and ruthless Highpoint residents. Luckily or unluckily one suspect escaped unhurt while the other was burnt to death by an angry mob. A young man has just cut short his life this early, is this a solution to the insecurity problem? I Suspect no…it was really unfortunate. Anyway, maybe it was a way of giving a lesson to all the thugs hiding in the area.

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The big questions we keep asking ourselves as students are: what is not happening? What went wrong surely? Who is to blame for these insecurity incidences? Is it the police, the university administration, the community or the students? Who is responsible for students security?…WHO? Where did the rain start beating us? When will this end? Who to save the students from hungry thugs who need life or money?

I know that right now you are arguing that personal security lies in the hands of students. Yes, you are correct, but think of this: How can a student protect himself/herself from someone who is armed to the tooth with all sorts of knives? Is he/she a ninja or a martial arts expert?

Honestly, something needs to be done as early as now!


Until the answers are found we are going to lose many students in these scenarios. The loss of lives can always be prevented… of course, nothing is impossible, let the responsible bodies act immediately; else our parents back at home will wait for a degree that will never come. Most of the parents have invested a lot in education; some have even sold everything they had in trust of a bright future ahead. Something needs to be done. Meanwhile, let us avoid the Seagull Hotel area; we don’t want to lose more lives!