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Ubricoin: the next big cryptocurrency in the country!

By murithi Njogu

Within the last ten years, the financial world has experienced the rise of a new digital currency, the cryptocurrency. One of the new digital currencies is the Ubricoin.

Cryptocurrency uses a security feature called cryptography which makes it hard for anyone to duplicate the digital currencies. It’s becoming quite apparent that by the time we realize vision 2030; digital currency will be the way to go for everyone. It is with this realization that Ubricoin was formed.

Ubricoin is a digital currency formed from the UBRICA project and released on 21st December 2018 at a par value of 0.5 dollars. UBRICA’s CEO, Dr. Macharia, defines the statement of purpose as creating Kenya to be a world-class destination medicine nation, to create the healthier and happier lives by creating a supply pool for money to fund health research and education for universities for knowledge commercialization.


At the time of writing this post, ubrica is distributing 2 billion coins for free. The coins according to the CEO are being distributed to create an ecosystem so that the coin has utility and that wide fluctuation is not prevalent.

Projections within the next few months will be ranging at 4 dollars per Ubricoin. Ubricoin has been set out to be distributed among 1 million people. Moreover, if you are, a university student 10000 coins Ubricoins will be handed to you if you sign up. What are  you waiting for?

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On issues to do adaptability, the currency will have to work along with a value chain. A value chain comprises of exchange of items for ubricoins, for example; you can pay rent using the Ubns (Ubricoins) available in your wallet.it is also expected to be the currency of use for the online retail shop, Soko Janja and for the biomedical, industrial center that UBRICA hopes to establish by 2030.

It is, therefore, a currency that is set out to revolutionize Kenya and the world mainly in the health sector. A cashless economy is on the move; a proper and dedicated team is making sure that the young university students don’t miss out on this evolutionary currency which will take the world by storm…

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