waiguru engagement

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru Engaged

Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru is set to wed Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo whom they have been dating for a long period.

The governor keeps most of her personal life events secret, and that’s why most of us didn’t even know she wasn’t married. At one point in her political career life, she was accused of having a relationship with Uhuru Kenyatta but refused to answer any questions concerning the matter.

Anyway, about 2-3 week ago lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo proposed to her at the Lord Errol Hotel in Runda and soon we might witness the two exchanging vows in a grand wedding.

I was completely surprised. We had not been talking about formalizing our relationship, so I did not expect it. We had just come from holidays and were celebrating his birthday as we do with close friends every year,” she said on the engagement.

A traditional Kikuyu wedding was held on Feb 6 at Waiguru’s homeplace where only invited guests, friends, and family members were allowed in. As customs demand, Kamotho paid the bride price her parents demanded.

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The two are expected to conduct a formal church wedding; however, wedding preparations are still ongoing.

waiguru engagement

KOT react to Waiguru engagement

As usual Kenyans on Twitter reacted to the news. Some used funny memes and others with crazy statements. A few congratulated her for the engagement.

“I bet the wedding will be the most expensive held in the country. Financed by money from NYS. As usual, our githeri media will run with the story as breaking news and all day giving us a biography of the thief from childhood and how she rose to be powerful,” mercy nyambura tweeted.

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“Waiguru with all her money feels the need to be wifed, yet some toxic feminists with some few coins be advising girls to turn down proposals from potential men,” Erick Shics said.

“Hii ndio huitwa jackpot sasa. You win the heart of the best performing female Governor in Kenya and convince her to take you to her parents. Weeeeh,” Ken said.

“Marriage is one of the most powerful covenants in the world today. It has the power to bring untold joy, happiness, peace, contentment, companionship, intimacy and love to us. No other human relationship can go as deep as the marriage relationship,” Mbarire Grandson adviced.

“I think Waiganjo will get bored to reading the scribbles on the bedroom walls, Oooh Snr. Waiguru was here!, …Ohuru was here!… anyway time will tell… Pastor Margaret Wanjiru will be next,” said Alphose Blakama

“Congratulations Governor Ann waiguru I wish a boychild from my county kitui Could have been the One to win your heart, Nevertheless congrats,” Kimwele Yoana tweeted.

“Whether they are approaching menopause, in true love or whatever ..that’s non of my business…for all I know we are bankrolling it in one way or the other,” Msema Kweli said.

#waiguruweddingbells are you aware that the wedding of the Lamb of God is about to take place? You every reason to be at Thika come Sunday,” Makana Joshua said.

“If waiguru found love at that age then am still a toddler. Am divorcing my lover. I made a haste decision,” Fatuma Machafu tweeted.