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KOT hilarious reactions to HELB crackdown

On Wednesday CS Amina Mohamed announced that the police would hunt down HELB loan defaulters. Some KOT (Kenyans On Twitter) yesterday reacted to her statement with hilarious memes and comments. Here is a collection of the best reactions from Twitter.

-The CS disclosed that HELB owed Ksh 7.2 billion from 74,000 loan defaulters.

-The statement angered many Kenyans especially those the jobless beneficiaries with some accusing the Kenyan government of not providing employment to them.

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Kenyans are very creative. I mean, their level of creativity is unmatched worldwide. From crazy statements, memes to photoshoped images, anything trending can be easily turned into a source of laughter by Kenyans on Social media. Here are some of the best tweets we came across:

“BoyChild, stay strong! HELB should not scare you to pass nearby a police station. Mwanaume ni madeni,” Cnyakundi adviced.

“Quick one GOK, after serving in cells for the specified number of years (assuming it’s not life imprisonment) will the defaulters still be asked to clear their loan?” Roselyne wondered.

“Fellow defaulters don’t worry, we have the calculations now, we got you. Maximum jail time is only 9 days,” Ben Morogo tweeted.

“If I can’t pay 8k Tala loan, how will I pay 120 HELB token,” PK Kasirim wondered.

“The census will cost Ksh 15 billion, jobless youths owe the government Ksh 7 billion in HELB loans. Let the government give the youth the Census jobs and deduct their shilling 7B,” Muthui Mkenya urged.

“HELB was not a loan, it was a token we were given for doing well in KCSE exams. No repayment before employment. CS Anina should tell us which police station or Kenyan Prison can accommodate the 74,000 of us, we head there now,” Bishop of Hope tweeted.

“The Kenyan government borrows a loan to repay another loan. It’s said like father like son, Mimi naona watupe HELB ingine tulipe hio HELB ya kwanza Ama namna gani defaulters wenzangu????” Neshkin JM asked.

“HELB Amina Mohammed, you can’t pickpocket a naked man!! HELB money is a token of appreciation given to university students for working very hard in high school and passing KCSE exams. Ukiendelea kututisha tutakurudishia hizo degree na transcripts ikuwe goal-goal Sasa,” Raphael Mutua tweeted.

“If HELB tries to arrest any Kenya graduate,we will mobilise our youths and hand over our certificate to them, because they are not of help to us,” Senior Chief Mathenge said.

“I used the money to buy a sub-hoofer which was stolen a few weeks later. Some of the money I used to buy a suit which I stopped wearing because comrades started thinking that I had joined prophet Awour’s church. If they want the remaining money,” Elvis Ndegeya tweeted.

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“Hi HELB Instead of wasting time and more government resources partnering with the CID department to hunt us, why not give us a date on which we should report to the nearby police station? Am also tired of applying for jobs Hii chakula ya jela inakaa kua tamu,” Daniel Ndunda said.

“Sasa utafungwa coz u took loan to facilitate your education. I thought education is the KEY.. inafaa kufungua sio kufunga,” Dady Owen wondered.

“Only degree holding police should hunt us down if it’s a must they do,” urged Omukhale Wandabusi.