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Marketable courses in Kenya 2020 [Updated]

Are you currently looking for the most marketable courses in Kenya 2020? Probably you have just completed your high school education, or you are looking to further your studies, right? Look no further; here are well analyzed best and most marketable courses in Kenya today that will better your chances of securing a job after graduation.

After finishing you university education, you most definitely expect to find a job that will match the hard work and fee investments you made for four years or so. For this reason, it is important to choose a course favoured by the current employment market. has dug deep to come up with a list of the marketable courses in Kenya. Most of them have one thing in common: They are either in demand due to shortage of such graduates or have lot’s of openings and opportunities in the country.

So, shall we get started?

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List of marketable courses in Kenya 2020

The most marketable courses in Kenya fall under science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and business categories. These industries are growing day by day and this can only mean one thing: more manpower is needed. Hence, most of the marketable courses Kenya here will be from the fields above. Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the best Marketable courses in Kenya 2020. You should note that they are in a random order.

1. Medicine

For those who manage to get a Mean grade of B+ or so in their KCSE, this is one of the hardest and marketable courses in Kenya you can enroll in. With a degree in any medical field, you can work in any part of the world. As long as we will continue having sick people, expectant mothers, and mortal people, you can never be jobless at any given point. If so, there many private clinics that can offer you a job. Alternatively, you could start the next big private hospital in the country. Today, doctors earn a salary that’s not less than Ksh. 180, 000 per month.

2. Statistics

Do you love solving mathematical complex problems? If yes, then this might be one of the best latest and most marketable courses in Kenya you can enroll in. The course is best offered in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Maseno University and Nairobi University (UN). There are two options in this field. You can either take Bachelor of Statistics or Applied Statistics so choose wisely.

After completing this course, you will have to do another R online programming course that costs about Ksh. 5,000. A certificate is given upon completion of the discipline in question. Well, this is what adds value to your degree and makes job hunting process a piece of cake. Average Statistics experts in Kenya earn about Ksh 100,000.

3. Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the very marketable courses in Kenya. Being new in the country, few people have done it. Compared to the current growth of the Real Estate industry, the available manpower is never enough. If you love lucrative jobs, then we strongly recommend that you enroll in this marketable undergraduate course in Kenya.

The monthly salary of experts in Real Estate field is relatively high and depends on the company that has employed you.

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4. Survey

We could not leave out surveying in our list of most marketable degree courses in Kenya. The course has few experts here outside; therefore, it’s never flooded. Moreover, the demand for experts from the field is very high. The course is best offered at JKUAT and UON.

If you are looking for a programme that will make you rich quickly and turn your life, then Survey might be the best for you.

5. Journalism and Mass Communication

Despite this field having many experts and graduates, the demand for manpower never seizes. There are many job vacancies for journalist graduates in Kenya as radio stations, and TV stations are growing. Many top journalists in the country pocket up to 2 million per month!

If you are interested in doing journalism, make sure that it is your passion and you have the right skills or talents that will help you get a job easily. We do not recommend enrolling in this course if you are not talented as you will just end up working in an unknown radio station earning. Hence, it will be so hard for you to make ends meet. It is not surprising that talented individuals such as Mzee Jalas (Currently enrolled at Daystar University) and MC Tricky (A mechanical engineer!) are currently employed by top station and none of them are pursuing this program.

6. GIS and remote sensing

Geographical  Information System (GIS) and remote sensing involves the use of computers to map, analyze, and make measurements of any planet using airplanes, sensors, and satellites. Currently, the field has few specialists so getting a job after finishing your course is not a big deal.

With this course, you can be employed by major worldwide organizations like UN, WWF, World Vision, AMREF, KWS, ICRAF, KEMRI, and other private organizations or NGOs.

7. Pilot

Piloting is one of the marketable courses in Kenya today you can enroll in. Generally, pilots earn a good amount of money per month. Highest pilots in Kenya make about 2 million per month. To take this course, you must have at least a C plus in your KSCE examination. Mathematics and Physics grades should also be above C plus.

The top piloting school in the country is Kenya School of Aviation where to complete the course you will be required to pay over 2 million as fees. The course is really expensive; however, the amount is worth it.

8. Law

This is one of the most respected, decorated and marketable courses nowadays. If you can handle cases well, then you will have the potential of getting many clients. This implies that you will earn a good amount of money from the job. James Orengo, Paul Muite and Ahmedinassir are some of the Kenyan lawyers that make up to 15 million per month from the hassle. Remember some court cases can take years before a verdict is finally issued.

You will first take a law degree from an accredited institution then a diploma at The Kenya School of law. After completing the two, you will automatically be a registered lawyer in Kenya.

9. Computer science.

Kenya has so far advanced in technology. Nearly everything nowadays is computerized. All manufacturing industries have come up with new strategies to adopt new technology in production. This means that they require a team of computer experts and so by taking this course you will not tarmac. If you have expertise in CICT, CISCO, CISM or CISA, you will get a job immediately after graduation. Moreover, you can employ yourself by starting your own software company.

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10. Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas is a new program in the country. It is not famous, therefore, not highly populated. With the new discoveries of gas and oil, you can easily get a job in private institutions, NGOs or even the government. Engineers in this field are paid a huge sum of money monthly.

11. Architecture

If you score an A in your KCSE examination, Architecture is one of the most marketable courses offered in Kenyan universities. In fact, the unemployment rate for experts in this field is very low in the country compared to any other course. However, it is hard and requires a lot of concentration, practices and drawings.

Many students pursuing this start earning even before graduating. We have seen a couple buying big vehicles and living above the normal standards of a lot of university students. After finishing the course, you won’t earn anything less than Ksh. 100,000 per month. The best institutions to pursue BA in Architecture are JKUAT and UoN (University of Nairobi).

12. Marketing

The backbone of every company in the country is its marketing team. Therefore, the demand for social media and digital marketers is very high. With good certificates, you will not tarmac. Your main responsibilities may include coordination, emotional intelligence, communication, negotiations and so on.

Monthly salary of marketing graduates ranges from Ksh 50,000 to over Ksh. 100,000.

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13. Commerce

With a degree in any of the above discipline, you can easily secure a job in any sector. ACCA, CIFA, CPA, CIPS, CFA, and CPS are some of the most marketable short courses in Kenya you will have to take after graduation to better you chances. With these degrees, you can work in many sectors. You can also choose to work from home through the provision of freelance consultation services.

14. Software Engineering

Do you love designing application software or just working with computers? If yes, Software engineering is one of the best degree programs you should enroll in to pursue your dreams. Here, you can employ yourself and get many tenders to design apps for companies. Complex apps cost around Ksh. 100,000 and above to be coded.

You can be employed by top companies in the country such as Safaricom, Faiba, and IBM. All software engineers earn a minimum of Ksh 200, 000 per month!

15. Control and Instrumentation (Instrumentation and Control Engineering)

Control and Instrumentation engineering is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya offered in JKUAT and Egerton University. In every industry, instruments form a bigger part of the production process. Therefore, there is a need for experts to measure and monitor signals in the machines. With the ever increasing technology, modern methods are also being adopted in nearly all the industries. Control and Instrumentation engineers are ,therefore, vital in the automation of any industry.

Once you successfully complete the course, you can work in research, telecommunication, power generation/transmission, health-care, spacecraft, and many other production or processing industries.

16. Pharmacy

With a rising number of private and public hospitals, pharmacy is among the most marketable courses in Kenya 2020. Best offered at JKUAT, Kenyatta University and University of Nairobi, this degree gives you an opportunity to employ yourself by starting a professional pharmacy/chemist. Considering the fact that most hospitals do not have every kind of prescription, you will never run short of customers.

17. Mechatronics

This field focuses on both electrical and mechanical systems as well as a small bit of computers, control, robotics, telecommunication and so on. It all depends on your area of specialty. There are a lot of industries in the country that need services of graduates from this field, hence, chances are that you won’t tarmac for long.

18. Actuarial Science

As one of the marketable degree courses in the country, Actuarial Science entails application of mathematical and statistical methods to access insurance and financial risks. A lot of students believe that this is among the demanding courses at the university. However, with the right attitude and mentality, you can get a First Class Honours aggregate. It is estimated that professional actuaries earn close to Ksh. 200,000 per month.

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19. Geophysics

If you scored a C+ and above in physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/ Biology/ Geography, then this the degree you should pursue. You will study about the Earth, gravity, electricity, seismic methods, and magnetism. Hence, after graduation you can decide whether you want to go out exploring planet features or just stay indoors calculation and modelling systems using computers.

20. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

No one wants to pursue agriculture related degrees. Therefore, this field has a shortage of graduates. We strongly advice people to take this course as it has a lot of opening in both national and county levels. You will need a C+ and above in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and any other technical subject to qualify for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

21. Electronic and Computer Engineering

As you might be aware, we are in a digital world where all the companies are relying on computer experts to come up with the latest production technologies which will save costs and time. Well, Electrical and Computer engineers apply electric, electrical and various magnetic theories to obtain solution to the operation, designing and development of any software, hardware, control or communication systems.

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22. Financial engineering

Every agency needs financial engineers. These experts use tools and knowledge from economics, statistics, computer science and applied mathematics to address any monetary issue and come up with innovative products. These are among the core things every firm desires to have.

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Least Marketable courses in Kenya

The following courses do not have any opening in the current job market. If you choose one of them, you may end up tarmacking for years.

  • Criminology
  • Theology
  • Political science
  • Arts
  • Chemical engineering
  • Diploma/certificates in business courses
  • Environmental degrees and diplomas
  • Meteorology
  • Human resource
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Credit management and micro-finance
  • Banking and finance
  • Secretarial courses
  • Forestry
  • Farm resource management
  • Aquaculture
  • Agribusiness diplomas
  • Sports administration
  • Anthropology
  • Community Development
  • Sociology
  • Women and Gender Equality
  • Records management
  • Library

Wrapping Up

You can secure a well-paying job as soon as you graduate with any degree even if its not marketable. Employers DO NOT look at whether you have a First Class Honours or so.  You should have the necessary skills, knowledge, and MOST importantly experience. See our guide here to help you add more value to any degree, diploma or certificate even before graduation!

We really hope that this write-up about the best marketable courses in Kenya will help you in shaping your future career.