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How to make a Good First Impression through dressing in an interview

Do you have an upcoming interview and you are unsure of how you can make a good impression through dressing? Worry less for we got you covered.

We understand that an interview is the most significant step to getting a job and once failed, you cannot do a retake. Therefore, there isn’t a second chance for a first impression. Here is how you can make a good first impression without uttering a single word.

Dressing for an interview

Once you receive a letter or a call inviting you to an interview, you should start preparing yourself. Never wait till the last minute. This will greatly avoid last minute rushes. We recommend having your interview clothes washed, ironed and ready a day before the actual interview. Also, don’t forget to have backup cloths in case something terrible happens.

You should choose interview cloths carefully to get a good first impression. You should not underdo or overdo your cloth selection. Focus on getting attires that will enhance and not overwhelm your appearance. So, how can you make a good first impression using your dressing?

  1. Hats

Hats are lovely, especially during sunny weather. However, this does not apply to interview. Stay away from wearing hats in an interview unless you have special problems like hair loss. Remember to carry a letter from your doctor if you have any issues with your scalp so that interviewers may not find it hard to accommodate you. Even though many interview sessions are informal, just avoid wearing hats to be on the safe side.

  1. Perfumes and cologne

Spraying yourself with a lot of perfume is not an added advantage in an interview. In fact, it can ruin your chances of ever being employed. It’s nice to wear perfumes and colognes, however, do not overuse them. The smell can distract your interviewers and sometimes make them sneeze. If he/she is allergic to such fragrances, chances are that you won’t pass the interview. You will only be remembered for your strong scent and not your skills.

  1. Hair and Makeup

An interview is not a fashion show ladies and gentlemen. Don’t experiment hairstyles and new makeups here. Hair and Makeup are two important things you should consider perfecting if you want a good first impression. Also, if you are a man don’t go with new trending cuts to an interview. They may completely ruin your chances of ever getting employment.

  1. Nails

Keep your nails short; they too play an indispensable role. If you choose to have long nails, have them manicured, polished and/or painted. Having dirty fingernails directly tells your interviewer that you are too lazy since you can manage to do such a simple task. To them, it will imply that you can’t manage the workload of the post you are applying for. Don’t let such a simple thing to destroy your future.

  1. Purse

Carry a small bag to carry your CV, certificates and other documents. Make sure you choose the colour of the purse wisely. We advise you to choose neutral colours like black, white and dark blue.

  1. Jewelry

When it comes to wearing jewelry, you should too never overdo it. Too much dangling jewelry will spoil your chances of getting a good first impression in an interview. Choose jewelry that doesn’t make your interviewer jealously (Gold jewelry) or interrupt his/her concentration. Also, consider being simple by avoiding many piercings in your nose, ears, tongue, chin, and mouth. If you have a tattoo, wear clothes that can hide it entirely.

  1. Shoes

Slippers, sneakers, and Flip-flops are definitely not good to wear in an interview. Also, extremely high-heels are never the best to wear. Why is it so? They will attract attention when you are walking inside an interview room. For men, polish, shine, and repair your shoes.

  1. Cloths

As always, wear official cloths. You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit. Just iron your cloths well and make sure they are not torn Ladies don’t wear too short/colourful skirts or dresses.

  1. Teeth

Bad breath and yellow teeth are so distracting. Make sure you brush, floss and whiten your teeth before you go out for an interview. Your interviewers won’t hold their nose once you talk for the first time. This helps in creating a good first impression.

With the above tips in your fingertips, you can make a good impression through dressing in an interview. The best cloth, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup, nail polish, purse, cologne, perfume, and hat, should not overwhelm your appearance. Instead, it should enhance it.

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