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Smart Phone Security: Fingerprint vs. Password

Are fingerprint locked phones less protected than password locked phones? With a fingerprint, it means that roughly 1 in 7 billion people can unlock a unique phone, with a password that number grows exponentially when more characters are used to create a unique combination of characters.

Find out how to create more secure passwords at the end of the article.

Password over fingerprint.

Presuming I want to access your phone it’s easier to hack into it if you have set the fingerprint as your lock all I have to do is knock you out and force your thumb print on your phone, of course cruel thugs will carry your thumb if they are in a rush, whereas with a password anyone wanting access to your phone will have to beat it out of you or take time to stick around you enough to memorize of course there is always the option of taking a wild guess.

Most phones include pin as an alternative get in since fingerprint sensors sometimes do not respond or in an unfortunate event, the owner’s prints are deformed.

Fingerprint over password

Fingerprints are unique so to unlock a phone the owner (or at least part of him) has to be present unlike in passwords where guessing can and will often open poorly secured accounts. Also, there is no way to memorize fingerprints and acquiring them is a risky task since one has to engage his target or at least wait until he/she is asleep to make a move.


With passwords for one to stay secure you have to change them from time to time while fingerprints scanners can be frustrating in some cases, therefore, have to be kept clean to work effectively(sensors can become less effective overtime due to dirt, oil, and water.

Bonus Tip

To create more secure passwords substitute letters that can easily be converted to numerals in your passwords. Then while reentering your password read it like the original word but include the numerals that way it is easier to remember but unpredictable.For example: If you want the password to be Patience write Pat1ence

The examples above exclude all advanced hacking software and are under the impression of an amateur hacker or that nosy friend next door anything past that the only remedy is not to store personal data on your phone.