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Socialite Vera Sidika hints that she is pregnant

Kenyans have been eagerly waiting for the day Vera Sidika will finally announce that she is pregnant.

Seems the long-awaited day has finally come. Yesterday she hinted that she is carrying a baby on her status.

“All my girls with kids tell me this every day; pregnancy is a special sacred & pure bliss! A beautiful journey I’d be excited to experience,” she said.

vera sidika is pregnant
A screenshot of Vera Sidika’s post PHOTO | COURTESY

Vera added on and said that she was ‘counting months’. She, however, didn’t share any pictures to ascertain whether she’s truly pregnant.

It will be remembered that on April last year Vera Sidika admitted that she was pregnant. Many thought that she was lying because it was on April fool’s day.

“It’s crazy how people ride on April fools. Wait until they see the videos of my fat self that I’m about to release next week. Sometimes it’s good to tell the truth on April fools day, just so you confuse people,” she replied to those who were doubting her.

A few months later, abortion rumors broke out on social media and Vera Sidika trashed them saying that she cannot get pregnant!