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All you need to know about valentine’s day

The Valentine’s is fast approaching so gentlemen let’s get our tuxedo suits on and ladies the red velvet dresses will look perfect. As expected hotels will be a beehive of activities preparing special meals, organizing bands to play soothing music as couples enjoy their meals and decorating the interiors to blend in with the mood. The streets will be colored by red roses and love will be in the air. Even so there are decisions to be made; what gift do I buy my spouse, what kind of restaurant will be perfect yet economical, do invite them home or go out? Worry not we have the best tips that will definitely suit you.

The gifts;as a guy choosing a gift is nerve-wrecking, well how about a basket of candy(cud Bury chocolates is a good start),the old fashioned bouquet of flowers, a I love you note,a sparkling watch or necklace it should be something to remember you by.

Do not complain about money it’s valentine’s day let her “decide how much you have”. Behave normally but affectionate, the lady  will sense when you’re trying too hard and this may ruin everything.

It will be unwise for an average spender to splash all his money on a high end restaurant while there are many pocket friendly restaurants around town which are decent.Plus on valentine’s restaurants are well decorated and  inviting.You may also substitute a restaurant with a picnic in a serene park.


Couples huging on a Valentine's Day
Couples huging on a Valentine’s Day PHOTO | COURTESY

Let the conversation flow, wherever it takes you. No yapping or talking too much about yourself and let not the conversation be centered on you, try as much to complement her beauty, let her see you recognize her beauty make her feel special.On this day let her be priority number one, flirt with her, let her loosen up and relax.

A movie in the evening after dinner,a live band,karaoke any sort of performance with love songs and poems is highly romantic to your girl.

Walk her home, not the cab,taking a walk has been proven to be a top relaxation method it gets better if it’s at night,the stars have some magic in them.

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Well for the ladies dress to impress, just be the lady. Accept complements from your gentleman even if he is struggling to say them, make them feel appreciated; a smile and no one word responses.

Get something masculine for your guy. A watch,a belt, a t-shirt all this make men feel special and appreciated. Finally, please don’t use your phones when you are together. This devices will create a distractions and is irritating. Have a good one, remember love is life, it’s the foundation of everything beautiful.